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Sub-Category Images Spacing Issue - Not allowing to see all of the image


Hi there,

Thanks for any help in advance - its much appreciated to those who take time out to help fools like me  ;)

So...when I click onto a category (Tarot and Oracle Cards), there are two sub categories (Tarot and Oracle) for which each has an image. The first image is being cut of as if the second image is sitting too close to it...

How to I change the spacing between the images so that they show properly?

If you follow this link, you will be able to see the issue I am talking about... thecrookedpath.com.au/index.php?rt=product/category&path=49


This is a solution:

Locate file /storefront/view/default/stylesheet/stylesheet.css

Edit line: 1144 and remove     display: inline-block;


--- Code: ---.list {
    overflow: auto;

--- End code ---

I believe you have given the wrong link because you have put my website address in your reply to this member.

Link did not matter. Important is a file path.
Locate file /storefront/view/default/stylesheet/stylesheet.css

Sorry for confusion.


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