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Hi guys!
I am new in your community and I am also new in the AbanteCart domain.
I need your help. I installed the extension from Paypal, everything went well, but I would like to make a change to the extension and I can't manage it.

When the customer wants to pay, he has two options.
1. Paypal (Yellow Button)
2. Debit / Credit Card (Black Button)

How could I permanently delete the paypal button? I would only like to pay with the help of the card.

I know that the money will go into my Paypal account, but I would prefer the payments to be made by card. I have had unpleasant experiences in the past when I received payments from other paypal accounts.

Many thanks,

hello.  These buttons loads by paypal js.sdk. You should to ask their support how to regulate it from paypal account side.


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