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The "Reviews" tab on my product page is missing


Hi everyone,

I noticed recently that the "Reviews" tab on my product page is missing.  I've been trying to see where to enable it and haven't had any luck.

I've been using Abantecart for quite a few years and overall it works great.  However I only have a few products so I haven't spent much time using the backend.  Sorry, but I'm pretty much of a novice.

Your thoughts will be appreciated.


at the top of this forum page is a link to the Manuals .  It opens to a search page.  Which can usually get you on the right path.

I think this page might be your solution 

You also have to enable on your template.


Thank you for the tips.  I had already tried the items in the article you mentioned.

However when you said You also have to enable on your template. it made me think the problem might be in the template.
So I looked at my template foxy and I couldn't find any mention of a review tab.
So I switched over to the default template and the reviews are all there.  So it looks like the foxy template may not have the review tab option?  That's strange because I've always used that template and I remember that the reviews used to be there some time ago.  I'll go back and double check the foxy template to make sure I didn't miss something.

I'll also look around and see if there might be some other templates that include reviews that I might like.

Thanks for helping me to move forward on this issue.

Make sure you have the latest version of the template or contact the template developer.


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