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Bootstrap5 storefront product listing block is showing duplicate products(Fixed)

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Hi core devs,

I am working on updating our WHY2 extensions to work with v1.3.3 and bootstrap5 template.

I hook into storefront product listing section, however the products are shown doubled but not on the default template.

I also tried to add the imagezoom to bootstrap5 modal, the image zoom was not working correctly in bootstrap5 but it works in default template.

Let me know if you need the admin creds, i will send it via PM.

The Bootstrap 5 and default themes are completely different and the same code will not work on both themes due to different CSS styles, bootstrap versions etc.

If some hook is missing in the Bootstrap 5 theme please let is know the hook name

Can you please point me which code should be corrected so the image zoom works?

As for the hooks, there are no missing hooks, but i couldn't figure out what's causing the products get doubled in the listing.


I check the website provided and image zoom is working on the product page for example  php81.abdev7.com/testing/index.php?rt=product/product&product_id=65

For the duplicated products on a Home page please PM the access to admin I want to check a few things.

Please click the quick view button in the homepage to see the image zoom issue.

I have PM'ed you the creds.



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