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Noob question about Flat rate shipping.


Hi, I have just installed AbanteCart and I am setting it up.

I am trying to set up flat rate shipping - by destination country.  So, I charge $2 for country A, and $4 for country B etc.  I am sure there must be an easy way of doing this, but I cant see it. :(



Flat rate shipping is allowing only one location/region to be set.
This sounds like you need rule based shipping.
Unfortunately, AbanteCart does not have this yet.  We can think of developing one for you and others.

I afraid there is no clean easy way to do this, only work around.
Not sure if you like this but it will work and easy to set:
1. Use weight based shipping extension Extensions -> Shipping
2. Set locations (countries) you need System -> Localization -> Locations
3. Set 1 rate cost per each location  in Weight Based Shipping -> Additional settings
This will give you fixed cost per location (country in your case).



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