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After i applied the 0f V1.2.15 to fix the stock bug i have lost my whole website. Its like a fresh installation. is there a way i can pull my website data or reverse the installation.

Please help me i had uploaded more than 500 products and installed local payment system.


How-to questions / v1.2.14 Stock Bug
« on: April 03, 2019, 08:24:43 PM »
Hi I just upgraded to version v1.2.14

I feel there is a bug in stock in this version v1.2.14

1) After upgrading to version v1.2.14 the system changed all my stock quantity to "0" by itself.
2) If i change my stock quantity in location base, the system changes quantity across all the 400 products.

Please let me know if abantecart is working on it, Is there any possible option to fix it

or is it an error from my side and if so how can i rectify it.


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