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« on: June 13, 2023, 12:14:32 PM »
I've chosen Abantecart over several other open source eCommerce platforms as I have read reviews that it (abantecart) has a better forum participation than other platforms' forums.

I then installed Xampp to test run the software first. I removed foreign time zones, countries & currencies (for a more "streamlined" experience).

From my localhost (Xampp) I have successfully added several categories & products. I find Abantecart very easy to use thus far and am suitably impressed with the progress thus far.

I created a fake customer and as an admin I approved the customer. The "customer" has now added 3 products to their cart and wants to check out.....

The "shipping" and "payment" are not functioning. I get "THE PAGE YOU REQUESTED CANNOT BE FOUND!"

Any advice ? ( I am NOT a software coder/developer - I am merely an entrepreneur!)


I am looking for an html form (incl images) that SELLERS can complete for their PRODUCTS they wish to list. I wish to upload this form to AbanteCart so that the PRODUCTS can be added to Abantecart Marketplace.

Extensions and Add-Ons / MultiVendor C2C-marketplace.
« on: May 26, 2023, 05:04:13 AM »

I've been reading the hordes of posts and searching more specifically for something to suit my needs.

I'm in the market (pun unintended) for a OLX- or Gumtree type marketplace, BUT with a difference (hopefully explained step-by-step below).

I want to "own" the marketplace and would like to charge a fixed percentage of ALL sales that take place on my marketplace (call it an OLX-clone).

* Sellers would have to register with detailed information.

* Seller can then list their product (used/new) for sale, they fix a price and when a buyer pays (via bank transfer ONLY to my OLX-clone website), can the product be shipped to the buyer.

* Buyer can add several sellers' products to their cart and pay for these products in one payment.

* Only once the buyer acknowledges receipt of the product, does the seller get their money, minus the marketplace fixed percentage commission.

* Buyers can anonymously ask sellers questions and sellers reply anonymously (Admin can monitor).

Any thoughts on such a marketplace?

I have no idea what to do .... I have deleted Wamp & Abantecart at least 10 x times each & re-installed again!


(It's 9.15am now & I have been at it since last night 8.20pm ---> 13 hours.)

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