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General Discussion / What is best hosting? A2? Fastcomet? Others?
« on: January 10, 2018, 12:16:01 AM »
I am looking at options for hosting. presently on A2hosting.
I read the page on hosting partners
I also searched the web and found one that sounds interesting called fastcomet hosting.
Is anyone here using this hosting...
my one condition is to keep the costs down.
feel free to pm me regarding your experience.
Thanks David

why did we lose all the standard tools for the HTML / Visual section ??? I am using abantecart because it has been so easy to use without having to know allot of code.  I like to be able to click on the tool to add a table or set the text size... this is causing great hardship on the upgrade to 1.2.6   I would like to stay up to date... How many others out there are disturbed by this change? lets get these tools back so we can easily build our store site!!!

Extension Support / updating to latest from Algozone purchase
« on: February 23, 2016, 10:15:08 PM »
I purchased directly from Algozone my priced based shipping using in 1.1.9
I am now updating to abantecart 1.2.5 and need a new version...
Since I purchased directly from Algozone how do I get the new version.

SEO / SEO and sitemap
« on: March 23, 2014, 05:13:43 PM »

What do you have to say about having sitemap submitted and a copy on the website?...I have been reading a bit on the google webmaster page as well as I tried using a free service through my hosting company a2hosting...called attracta.  this seems to work just fine with my other websites, but for the one using is forwarded to and i found some errors in the search.
It seems it is finding some old stuff in the root directory which is not a part of the current website...You have seen my site before Love is Real.


Upgrade / problem can't go into extension store through abantecart admin
« on: January 31, 2014, 04:45:19 PM »

I recently changed hosting company, and since I did the extension store is a strip down version with some of the graphics missing...i got an error message about the store not synchronizing properly with the seems that it is using the login id for my account rather than the original way it was set up by abantecart install.

This brings me a question that it may have other things not synchronizing properly due to the hosting change.  something was changed in the process. can you help?   And what do you recommend me to do?

Upgrade / Error in Order summary Block 1.1.8
« on: January 30, 2014, 05:40:52 PM »
Hi just upgraded to the 1.1.8

First congrats on a very smooth upgrade process. very simple and easy to do!

So far only one thing I found. I have set the Order Summary Block to show up on the left side of the checkout pages...the checkout button goes to the home page instead of going to the check out page in the following....  On any other page it goes to the next page in the process...which is checkout/shipping

however is going to home page-when I am at this page: (when logged in)

or on this page (when checking out as guest)

I can disable this block, but I would like my guest to see a copy of his order as (s)he is checking out.

Is there an easy fix for this?

I am moving now to making the website work on mobile phones, tablets, and other devices.
Using HTML5 Template version 1.1.7 I see I have instead of the banner slider it goes to fallback image.  I can of course make my own picture and name it the same as the fallback image, and upload that file...but can you tell me where is the controller for this fallback showing up on the different screen resolutions?  I did not see an obvious way to edit this for layout on cellphones, ipads, etc.

I would appreciate any help in how to optimize for cell phone, ipad, etc use.

General Support / Error for Home tab - drop down menu category block
« on: December 11, 2013, 04:36:08 PM »

n the dropdown menu created by the categories block - html5 template ver 1.1.7

Click home tab of menu created by category Block and it goes to but since i have installed the ssl cert... It now goes to a page in the store(html5 template) that says:


The page you requested cannot be found.


'continue' is a button which you can click to take you to the home page:

It is nice that it at least goes back to the site, however I think most shoppers encountering this may give up and go elsewhere
 seems like this is some error in the set up of the block controller....I looked at the controller  but it is all greek to me...besides if we make a change there it will disappear when upgraded....So I think this may be a problem for abantecart to deal with...
What would be best is if you could have the block code go to the seo code for the home page...

Perhaps in the version 1.1.8 coming out soon?


I have set up the tax rate location zone to be Michigan, and I can't see why it is charging tax for other zones...I have only set up one zone to be taxed...I would appreciate some help on this as I have read all I could find on this subject,....but must be missing something.

Thank you,

Built-in Features / how to create or alter submission forms in abantecart
« on: November 21, 2013, 12:00:14 AM »
How can I create forms through abantecart 1.1.7?  for example, I have used to create forms for email submissions, and various other kinds of forms.

 I see there is an newsletter submission form built into the abantecart, however I would like to be able to edit that to add a checkbox for someone to choose to enter our monthly drawing for a free item. and to change the name from Newsletter sign up to something different.

I saw reference to flexy forms...don't know what this is, or how to

So really 2 questions:
1) how to build a form from scratch for submissions?
2) how to edit the Newsletter form on the cart

Thank you for any help...

I have a question about how the mobile version works on the cart.  I have android on my mobile phone.  Using version 1.1.7 abantecart....when I go to a product that I have set up options to choose before adding to cart...

I have set up multi select box for the each choice ( example color, size, design choice)

On the regular site if I check a selection; the one that is checked by default will uncheck leaving one box checked....however on the mobile android o/s on my kyocera hydro; if I check another box, the default one stays checked and I have to manually uncheck it...if I do not uncheck it manually then the default selection is what goes to the shopping cart.

I hope there is an easy fix for this as I would like to have the website working on mobiles...would be great for business!

Thank you,

Do I need to have HTTPS activated on my domain?  It will cost me $30/ year with my hosting package.  I have PayPal standard account and I know that they process all the card information, however there is personal information on the personal account pages where individuals sign in for my store.  Is this information already secure or do I need to have https in order to have that be secure for my customers?

Can someone please enlighten me on this question?

Thank you,

Tips and Tricks / Forward past the category page to the product page
« on: November 18, 2013, 03:00:22 PM »
I have set up sub-categories under the main categories so that the drop down menu will show the other items.  However the intermediate page is not needed an takes the customer one more click to get to the product page...

I would like to be able to forward the sub-category to the product page directly...

Example.....main category is T-Shirts....sub-categories are Men's tees, Ladies Tees, Youth Tees, Toddler Tees,   etc.  So I made up a child category for each one under T-Shirts...then each child category has a product link to add to cart (this part I feel is confusing to a potential customer because it says add to cart...but it doesnt add to cart it just sends them to the product page where they can then add the item to cart......I have set up options that have to be chosen in order to go to cart...

Is there an easy way to do this?  I tried going through the webhosting cpanel and forwarding the one page to the other but it will not work this way...says it is an impossible direction that cannot be completed.


Extension Support / Fedex not showing up in cart
« on: November 18, 2013, 01:41:40 PM »
Hi one more glitch...when my fedex extension is set up without the proper authentication, it shows up in the shipping part of the cart with an error message as I would expect.  However when I have properly authenticated per the instructions at the bottom of the page....It now  does not show up on the checkout page at all....

Please let me know what kind of information to post to help correct it....I did not find an error message pertaining to this...

Thanks, David :o

Extension Support / My Paypal express check out is not working...
« on: November 18, 2013, 01:17:37 PM »
My Paypal is not working...I had installed the PayPal standart extension....then I found the PayPal express checkout extension so I installed that and I receive the following error message when checking out as a guest using the checkout button....(note: it does go through just fine if I either use the PayPal buttons or if I log in to an account and check out through there...)
Please Help...I am trying to get this website functioning as soon as possible...I am new at this design work...and following the instructions as best as I can...but I am not knowledgeable in all the code work...

2013-11-18 14:00:14 - App Warning:  AbanteCart core v.1.1.7 ADispatch: blocks/paypal_express_checkout_bml_button construct FAILED. Missing or incorrect controller route path. Possibly layout block is enabled for disabled or missing extension!  in ................/store/core/engine/dispatcher.php on line 76

I thought perhaps the problem was coming from the original paypal standart installation so I uninstalled that and got this message

2013-11-18 14:00:14 - App Warning:  AbanteCart core v.1.1.7 ADispatch: skipping unavailable controller … in .............../store/core/engine/dispatcher.php on line 237

This is the page I am taken to when i confirm the order after using the checkout button...

Thank you,

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