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Where can I find a Blog extension or blog module for AbanteCart ?
Nowadays a Blog needs to be there for a webshop.

Is it possible to buy a blog extension for AbanteCart ?

I could not find anything with google so,
A self hosted Blog is not the worlds most complicated software, is it possible
to integrate a bunch of blog code in one of the code blocks inside
AbanteCart ?

I can not find AbanteCart DHL Shipping module with on-line shipping  tracking number.

When a client has ordered a product he wants to see status of shipping.
I know DHL has a website where you can see the shipping location
of the product until the moment it is delivered. Does AbanteCart generate
a shipping tracking number linked with the DHL shipping site ?

I need something like this:

Or something like this but then for DHL

Is it possible to buy a DHL tracking number shipping module ?
DHL is worldwide used, not only fedex.

Product pictures show up good in German part of shop front but not in English and Spanish.
If I click on a product picture in English or Spanish part of shop front,
only the thumb picture stays with text Loading...
Seems that it is loading the big product picture forever but never shows up
and the thumb picture just stays there.
What can be the problem ?

Support / Change text inside button confirm order (Solved)
« on: June 13, 2014, 08:40:55 AM »
I want to change the text inside the button "Confirm Order" (english)
or "Bestellung bestätigen" (german)

Looked for possible key but nothing to find.
To find the php echo I traced it back to this code inside default_banktransfer.tpl

<a id="checkout" class="btn ml10 pull-right btn-orange">
    <i class="icon-ok icon-white"></i>
    <?php echo $button_confirm; ?>

Looking at the php echo the variable holding this text = button_confirm
but no keys found.

So where can I edit this text in english, german and spanish ?
Found it: key button_confirm

Support / Bank Transfer Instructions in different languages
« on: June 13, 2014, 07:51:50 AM »

Extensions => Payments => default_banktransfer => Edit => Bank Transfer Instructions
Here is a text field where you can enter text shown to customers to make bank or wire
transfer into your bank account

How can I enter this text in different languages, e.g. german, english and spanish ?
Seems only 1 language is possible ?

I found this in the forum but can not get it to work:

1. Use weight based shipping extension Extensions -> Shipping
2. Set locations (countries) you need System -> Localization -> Locations
3. Set 1 rate cost per each location  in Weight Based Shipping -> Additional settings
This will give you fixed cost per location (country in your case).

I have installed the extension Weight Based Shipping but it is not possible
to set 1 rate cost per each location.
What am I missing ?

I have following setup in the Admin:
I haved added Europe in System => Localization => Locations
Location Name = Europe
Description = All countries

I have added weight based shiping in System => Extensions
Additional Settings - weight based shipping
Rates = 5:10.00,7:12.00
Status = ON

Here is snapshot

If I go to additional settings I see nowhere a possibility to set 1 rate cost per each location.
What do i do wrong ?

Also I see default_royal_mail and default_ups but I see nowhere default_dhl
where can I find the extension default_dhl ?

We bring our products to our local post office to send them to our customers.
Is it necessary to install something like royal_mail in order to make
weight based shipping to work ?

General Support / Is it ok to add a new language definition key ?
« on: June 10, 2014, 09:28:08 AM »
I have this error message:
Language definition "default_weight_sort_order" is missing for "English"

So, I went to:
Admin => English => System => Localization => Language Definitions => English

In the key bar I entered default_weight to filter out with default_weight:

There appear to be only 4 keys with the part default_weight in it:

It seems that the key "default_weight_sort_order" is not there at all !
So is it okay to add this key my self with + insert ?
I have never inserted a new key before, will it not cause conflicts in the database ?

If I go to Admin => Extensions => Shipping
I see only 1 shipping extension there: default_flat_rate_shipping.

Where is the rest of the shipping extensions ? I must say that I installed
an empty AbanteCart cart. So where can I download them and install them.
I don´t see them neither in the extensions store
What I need is the shipping extension: Weight Based Shipping.
Thanks in advance.
Where can I download and install the rest of the shipping extensions:
Per Item
Weight Based Shipping
Pickup From Store
United States Postal Service
Parcelforce 48
Royal Mail

I have a webshop running on PrestaShop and I want to port this
webshop to AbanteCart. Will I have the same page ranking in Google
after or does the porting from PrestaShop to AbanteCart change anything
in my old page ranking ?


Support / Product Images not showing in English and Spanish
« on: June 05, 2014, 09:40:24 AM »
I have a problem with product images in English and Spanish,
in German everything is working.

When I add products and product images, the product images show up correct
in the store front.

However when I click on a product image, it shows only the thumb image and "loading ..."
This happens in English and Spanish. When I go to the German part everything works ok.
How can this be ?

I have this in System => Settings => Details:
Storefront Language = Deutsch
Administration Language = Deutsch
Source language for translation = English

System => Localization => Languages:
Español    sort order 3
English     sort order 2
Deutsch    sort order 1

Support / How to edit / disable or enable this static banner ?
« on: June 04, 2014, 06:28:29 AM »
I have following static banner under my banner slider

I can not find this block in the Admin.
Where can I edit this static banner, disable or enable it ?

I am suffering from a fixed Tax Rate of 23,22 percent inside AbanteCart.
I tried everything in the admin to find this rate and also tried to nullify it
without success !

If I enter a new product in AbanteCart and give it a price of 100 euro
then it shows up in the storefront with a price 76,78 euro
This is clearly a tax rate of 23,22 percent !

No matter what I change in the Admin it will always be 76,78 euro.
Where can I find this 23,22 percent tax rate ?
Is it hardcoded somewhere ? Please help!

General Support / Where is key text_footer_right ?
« on: May 27, 2014, 09:30:21 PM »
In the Admin I can find and edit following two keys:

But where is the key text_footer_right ?
Like the other two keys, text_footer_right sure does exist
inside admin/controller/common/footer.php
but it does not show up inside the Admin ?

I have this error coming back every day:
Error! Default language with code "de" is not available or disabled.
Loading Deutsch language to keep system operating.
Check your settings for default language.

In System => Settings => Details I have set:
Storefront Language = Deutsch
Administration Language = Deutsch
Autotranslate Status = ON
Source language for translation = English
Override if source language text was changed = OFF

In System => Localization => Languages I have set:
Español     es   3   ON
English      en   2   ON
Deutsch     de   1   ON

So as far as I can see it configurations and settings are ok
but still this error comes back everyday

Error! Default language with code "de" is not available or disabled.
Loading Deutsch language to keep system operating.
Check your settings for default language.

Anyone has an idea ?

General Support / Send form for product request
« on: May 22, 2014, 06:40:08 AM »
Is there a form generator as editable block or template inside abantecart ?
I mean if a customer looks for a product but can not find it in the shop
it would be nice if the customer could fill in a form with a product request.
Same for a Contact Submission Form for asking special requests.

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