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How-to questions / Abantecart Electronic Data Interchange
« on: June 10, 2022, 12:26:00 AM »
Hello everyone.

Has anyone intergrated Abantecart with an EDI? = (Electronic Data Interchange)?
As i would like the Web Orders when placed to be also sent to our E.R.P. = (enterprise resource planning)

Otherwise a have no options left but to migrate to another platform that offers a more A.I.O (All In One) alternative?
Which will probably be more ERP than E.COM.

Please ideas or solutions?
Thank you all in advance.

General Support / [GA4] Set up Analytics for a CMS-hosted website
« on: June 07, 2022, 04:23:59 AM »
What if my platform only accepts a "UA-" ID?

If your platform does not provide native support for Google Analytics 4, we recommend that you:

    Use your website builder's/CMS's custom HTML feature to tag your site. Follow the instructions for your platform, below. Do not simply paste your "G-" ID into the field that your CMS-Analytics integration provides.
    Contact your CMS’s technical support indicating that you would like the platform to support Google Analytics 4 properties through Google’s modern global site tag (you may wish to include a link to our developer documentation). Although you're able to set up your site by pasting the global site tag (gtag.js) snippet manually into your platform's custom HTML field, it's better if your platform provides native support and accepts a "G-" ID. Native support ensures that you get the benefits of any Analytics related improvements that your platform may provide in the future.

I Need to turn off the Guest checkout, as the STRIPE Card Element for the stripe payment the element is too small and cannot enter the card number into it.

This is only an issue if the customer skips the fast checkout and checkout as a guest.

Also i think i am missing the Guest_checkout_step_3 as i cannot find this anywhere either ??

This is the part that the card number is supposed to be entered
        <div class="form-group form-inline">
            <label class="col-sm-4 control-label"><?php echo $entry_cc_number; ?></label>
            <div id="card-element" class="col-sm-7 col-xs-6 input-group field"
                 style="min-width:240px; border: 1px solid #ccc; padding: 2px"></div>
        <input type="hidden" name="cc_token" id="cc_token">
        <input type="hidden" name="pi_source" id="pi_source">
        <?php echo $this->getHookVar('payment_table_post'); ?>

Just some help trying to get the stripe card element to be open.
Please help

Hi There,
Hoping someone can help with this error a customer received while trying to process there order online the customer said,
> processing error... what does this mean. I am trying to confirm my order<

I haven't heard of this before, I checked the Log and found what might be the issue below.

The PROBLEM IS I CAN SEE THE POTENTIAL PROBLEM BELOW, BUT I DONT KNOW HOW TO REMEDY IT :-( looks like I need to fix the order database so it can be built on.
can anyone explain in layman's terms, how I can FIX this?

I can checkout with no problem, could it be at the customer's end??

2021-03-31 0:24:10 - App Error: AbanteCart core v.1.2.16 FastCheckout Error: Unexpected error has occurred. Unable to build order data based on array: array (
'session_mode' => '',
'LAST_ACTIVITY' => 1617150250,
'fast_checkout' =>
array (
'' =>
array (
'cart' =>
array (
'language' => 'en',
'country_id' => 153,
'zone_id' => 2344,
'customer_group_id' => '1',
'cart' =>
array (
'currency' => 'NZD',
'fast-checkout' => true,
#0 /home/kiwicust/public_html/extensions/fast_checkout/storefront/controller/responses/checkout/pay.php on line 1743
#1 /home/kiwicust/public_html/extensions/fast_checkout/storefront/controller/responses/checkout/pay.php on line 384
#2 /home/kiwicust/public_html/extensions/fast_checkout/storefront/controller/responses/checkout/pay.php on line 340
#3 /home/kiwicust/public_html/core/engine/dispatcher.php on line 293
#4 /home/kiwicust/public_html/core/engine/response.php on line 80

Support / Banner manager list NOOB Question PLEASE help.
« on: January 27, 2021, 09:44:51 AM »
Hi Everyone,
In Admin > Design > Banner Manager. I cant see the list of any of my banners. It used too all come up with no problem, but then nothing.
So I typed in the banner group the name of the banner group and clicked on status then it would appear then I could sort them and they would all be there.
I can add banners and they work, but still won't come up automatically when I open the banner manager.
The new banners do show if I type their name in the  'Name' search bar.
But not if I search for banners by 'Group' search.

Im missing something really basic?
Has anyone else had or having the same issue?
couple images to clarify my NOOB writing.
Please help.

Extension Support / No Tax calculating on default_local_delivery
« on: September 15, 2020, 05:18:42 PM »
default_local_delivery is not calculating any TAX before or after.
it only has a field for
Delivery Fee:
but doesn't calculate any tax, how can this be?
Please advise, what i need to add, and where it needs to go....

 Can someone please help me find where this table is??  i cannot find it anywhere i look.

Also please let me know what i should be checking for?  i guess i have to add the newly added statuses to this table. But how can i find it as there is no AB99_ in my databases on 'phpMyadmin'

Please check data of tables ab99_order_status_ids and ab99_order_statuses (Screenshot of errors attached below)

Please, Thank you.

Hi Everyone,
the new fast checkout extension is awesome. however I have tried several test orders, and i do not recieve an email with account login instructions.?
also i do not see the text on the order success page that says > Account has been created and login instruction sent to your email. ?
Anyone have this same issue? and can anyone help make it work?
Thanks anyone.

Have installed the new Default Local Delivery extension to help split shipping cost from One Flat rate Plus One Rural Delivery cost.
It works, so for every order has the flat rate shipping of $6.50 great.
then if a customer enters one of the Rural postcodes the shipping changes to $13.50.
However once the customer has checkout to the Delivery Information page, All shipping methods are avalible for the customer to select, so they can still choose the cheaper option rather than the correct option.(image below)
How can i make there only one shipping method (the correct one) or remove the shipping method option, but still charge the correct shipping amount?
Once the Rural Delivery is selected it overrides the flat rate shipping so the only shipping method option will be the correct one?
Every order gets flat rate of $6.50 except for the postcodes loaded (image below) they get shipping cost of $13.50.

Extension Support / Different flat rate shipping for different zone
« on: April 12, 2020, 10:13:42 AM »
How can i add different flat-rate shipping charge depending on postcode.  for example here in New Zealand it costs a lot more to ship to non-metropolitan areas, so I'd like to charge more for that. 
I Tried adding another shipping method , ship by weight, renaming it Rural Delivery, But it still to easy to not select it.

The Estimate calculate button, which is on the same box as the Postcode/zip, does not change when anything is entered into the box...
we need to load the postcode information. to set a shipping cost for that postcode.

Or set 1 or 2 different shipping costs for a range of  different postcodes.

There are hundreds of Rural postcodes that we need to charge more freight on.

Non Rural can be flat rate. Rural (RD1) through to (RD9) needs incresed freight charges. Would make sense and be so easy if the customers just entered there Postcode and the exact shipping costs where displayed.

Other option is to intergrate Shipping API with the New Zealand Postal Service Website.

Any other options, if anyone has this issue or similar, please advise.

Development Help Needed / ERP integration
« on: October 26, 2018, 09:28:02 PM »
i need to integrate webERP or any ERP with Abantecart.
has anyone started this?
Please let me know where we are up to with this.

Manually transferring web orders into my ERP / CRM is getting old now. Can't keep up.

Alot of the other Ecommerce are able to integrate with an ERP or CRM

Via API's or even EDI.

I Dont have the skills to write or configure either of these. I'm at the stage of can I Export and Import manually?

Somebody has the same issue. Help.


General Discussion / Mass Product Price Update by %
« on: October 12, 2018, 05:56:54 PM »
Hello friends,
Can anyone help me?
my supplier has increased my buy price on products by 5%.
i would like to pass this on to my customers.
How can i update ALL product costs by 5% and increase all Product Sell Price by 5%?
Please don't tell me i have to manually update each product one by one :-(
i only have one main supplier so the 5% increase can be across ALL products.
if anyone has had to do this please advise how you did it.


General Support / Help with Responsive SVG Logo size @media queries
« on: September 16, 2018, 05:38:18 AM »
Hi Everyone,
Im having issues with my Svg Logo not displaying correct size on desktop from 767px upwards.

i loaded the XML or SVG code directly into the html Resource Library. it displays correctly on desktop except for this ]> is showing too. and it does not resize for smaller devices.

so i removed this ]> from the code and changed the Width and Height both to 100%. Now it is responsive for small devices (Max Width 767px) but the image on anything larger than 767px (Min Width 767px) reverts to a small image 300 x 20.??

if i delete both the width and height from the svg code, image only shows on devices max width 767px?

can anyone help?

should i amend the SVG code or Veiwport or the @media code or what?
the original image size is 10838 x 788px but it shouldnt matter what size the image is.

Hi everyone,
Can anyone help?

i want to add a ' Select qty' option to a product option, is this possible?

attached is my product that im referring to. it a 20 band number stamp, but you can swap the number bands out with alpha bands to suit your requirements.

so i want the customer to be able to choose which alpha bands and how many they want swapped.

does this make sense?

if anyone could help that would be amazing.

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