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Hi Admin

I'd like to suggest a feature that lets us add a QR code (ie, an image for people to scan) at the checkout page to scan to pay. For example, in China they have Wechat and QQ Wallet and in Australia we have Beemit, where you scan a QR code (that we as recipients, can generate, save, and upload to Abantecart) in order to pay instantly. Right now the payment options are limited to their own methods eg paypal, skrill etc, and it would not match if I uploaded my QR code to a paypal payment option logo.


Hi all
I have two questions.
On my checkout page (not embed version, natively on my abantecart webpage) the "enter your coupon" is always there. I want to remove it completely. I followed the method on this post:

but it did not work and it still displays.

My second question is, on the checkout page, it keeps saying "Error: No Shipping options are available. Please contact us for assistance!".

I have no idea why it keeps saying this - I activated ship by weight and also paypal is available as a payment method.

Please help, thanks

How-to questions / No Payment method available to select on check out
« on: January 13, 2021, 04:44:34 AM »
I set up free shipping and also paypal to pay for my products, as a test. However, on the check out page, the payment option shows up but cannot be selected. Instead of an empty radio button, there is a line through the circle.

When I try to proceed, it says "Error: Payment method required!" You can see the screenshot in the attachment.

Also, if Abantecart developer/staff are reading, please make it possible to post screenshots and images directly on this forum by copy and paste, it is very tedious to post a link to a third party hosted image, and the link might get broken anyway, or, to save and upload an attachment.


as the title, says, the "Add Comments About Your Order" textbox on checkout screen is currently enabled, and not only that, it seems to be compulsory. Even when I type something random it still won't let me progress to the next stage of the checkout process. I have the latest version of Abantecart (1.2.16) and installed directly in my hosting account provider.

How do I keep the text box there for the customer to fill but not make it compulsory?

You can see the textbox in the screenshot, attached.


General Support / How do you edit pages in HTML
« on: June 08, 2020, 08:45:50 AM »
I have the exact same question as,3711.msg15999.html#msg15999 posted in 2015 but the answer given does not solve my problem, and it says to start a new thread cause the previous one is older than 120 days, so here goes:

I want to be able to edit any and all pages of Abantecart with HTML and ideally also CSS. The solution in the post above says to use the blocks. I don't want to do that, because I want to integrate the home page of Abantecart (the shop front) into my existing website and add my own navigation bar on the top, like this screenshot attached (I am using BlueGriffon WYSIWYG editor). 

As you can see, I added my own navigation bar at the very top of the page. I did this by going to my store front then right clicking and selecting "view source" and copy pasted the code to the HTML editor. But, after I save it, where do I upload this HTML file?

I also asked another question about the changes in CSS not showing in the page, please have a look at that too.
Thank you

Hi all,
I have a technical question, not sure where to post this. Please let me know if this is better posted elsewhere.

I installed AbanteCart Cart manually by uploading the files with FTP software FileZilla, and accessed the style.css file for the home page with the FTP software. I tried downloading the style.css file to my computer, but it would not work, so I right-click then opened the file and save as'ed onto my computer, edited it, then re-uploaded it. However, the changes do not show in the page. I know I am changing the right parts of the CSS because I did the same thin using the browser's developer tools and it worked.

Please help

Security / Password reset with forgotten username
« on: December 04, 2019, 02:16:38 AM »
Hi all.
I'd like to reset my password using the forgotten password option when logging into Abantecart administration back end.
I have forgotten either or both of the user name and password because when I try all the combinations I remember, it says "No match for Username and/or Password". However, resetting it requires I fill in the email address and the code displayed to prove I am not a robot, as well as the user name, which I do not remember. The issue is, if I leave it blank, or make any error in any of the 3 text boxes, the error always says "Human verification Failed!" and makes me re-enter a new code, even if the error is not in that section.

Thus I am unable to proceed further at all.
You can see the attached picture.
Please help.
Thank you

Support / Product embed code not working
« on: October 21, 2019, 08:56:18 PM »
I have managed to successfully upload and install Abantecart onto my self hosted website. However, I cannot embed the product code into my self hosted website. I copied and pasted the provided code into the body of my HTML but nothing except the white shopping bag logo displays. The logo is also not clickable.

When I pasted the same code into my hosted wordpress website, it works. Why is this and how do I fix it?

I downloaded the latest version of AbanteCart Cart 1.2.15 from the AbanteCart website (ie not from GitHub) using the regular installation. I uploaded it to my test website (It is a free hosting site by 000webhostapp) but I cannot install it properly. During the entire unzip to upload and install process, there were the following errors:

1. During unzip, several files would not unzip. I saved the errors as a txt file, attached for you to read. I tried multiple times but the same thing happened.

2. During upload using FileZilla, there are always 121 files (too many for me to name) that won't upload. I have to upload them a second time through the 'failed' section through requeue and process all. It works the second time, but when I go to my website forward slash abantecart to install:

3. I cannot access anything after the 2nd page "Compatibility Validation". When I click on 'continue', what should be step 3 Configuration, the page instead says:

"Fatal error: Interface 'AProgressBar' not found in /storage/ssd2/942/7713942/public_html/Abantecart/install/controller/pages/install.php on line 306".

There is absolutely nothing else on the page, it is completely white besides this text.

Would appreciate some help, thank you.

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