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Title: My e-store problems
Post by: royalcards on May 26, 2015, 11:42:09 AM
Hello every1... I was thinking about just editing my last topic, but i decided to start a new one, where i'll keep using to have the help of you guys to make my store the way i want...

First of all, i'd like to explain a bit about my store and about myself... I'm setting up a TCG store (that works with pokemon tcg, magic: the gathering, yu-gi-oh, and many others)... One of the parts that will spend the bigger part will take a big part of my time will be registering my products, time since in this kind of store you have so many differente itens... I think we have like 2000 or more differente products to register ... I have not much  experience with programming, all i learnt came from reading things, having tryes and failing, and trying again, and failing ultil something somehow works the way i want...

On my last topic i had a problem that i changed using the brands list for the purpouse i wanted as you can check on the screenshots, but other problems emerged and here they are...

First of all i have problems with my banner... i want to remove that stripe left, i want to put the banner image together with the edge... On the red mark originally was a banner that redirects to home page... i'd like to change it's position...

Then i have a problem with the prices... If the product isn't on sale, it doesn't shows the price, or shows only a part of it...

The last problem i'll bring for now is a problem with the banner... It's only shown in the english version, and i need it on the portguese one and smaller, it's too big the way it is now...

In portuguese: (http://s28.postimg.org/61fl9daj1/portuga.png)

In english: (http://s28.postimg.org/4q7u0wex9/engles.png)

There's also a minnor change needed, that is changing thecollor of the categories bar, where is the home button followed by pokemon and magic the gathering and i want to know where i can find my resource library...

Hope you guys can help me... Sorry for my bad english, I'm brazilian and i'm trying my best =]
Title: Re: My e-store problems
Post by: Basara on May 27, 2015, 09:59:36 AM

The best way to get support separate topics. One question = one topic  ;)
Regarding price problem make your text shorter or font size smaller. Font size is changing with CSS and text can be edited in admin-System-Localazation-Language Definitions.

Regarding Portuguese banner. Go to Admin and edit your banner you will see language content selector. I think you forgot to edit portuguese version.
Title: Re: My e-store problems
Post by: royalcards on May 27, 2015, 01:07:16 PM
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