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This design pattern for many years and AbanteCart is not the only project that utilize it.
When we planned to make developer tools our aim was to simplify the creation of the structure of extension. If you do not understand the basic architecture of MVC, the developer tools will not completely help you.

good luck to you too.

I have read up the MVC approach. I understand it because I also write MVC based programs on Ruby. I just need a simple 5 minute example on how to write a very very basic plugin using this video. The most basic plugin that can be written. So, i understand how things go. I can find my way from there.

I went through the wizard creator and must say it appears its meant to ease my pain for developing extensions for Abantecart but haven't been able to do that.
I also checked the documentation for it, found nothing substantial.

I currently have an ambitious project for abantecart but I haven't been able to figure out how to use Extension Developer tool for it so I have started coding manually. I also am not a huge fan of OOP for PHP so am moving slowly but surely.

Am currently building a multi-seller extension. This isn't something far from my programming skillset but the documentation hasn't been good to me.

Can someone explain the whole MVC thing to me using Extension Developer Tool as a guide?

When i even generated views and controllers, I couldn't access them.. I believe I don't understand routes for PHP MVC.

I do alot of MVC on Ruby on Rails but this is not explanatory. I will be glad if someone can really use an example.

E.g. Create an empty extension using MVC with an add-on for admin and access the Views from the browser. I will be able to pick up from there

Idea Polls / Re: AbanteCart Multivendor and Marketplace capabilities
« on: March 06, 2015, 09:55:27 AM »
I need a multivendor module ASAP. I may be forced to move to another cart only because of this feature. How much will it cost to build a multivendor plugin for Abantecart?? Please reply ASAP as I really love this cart but I don't want to change from it for minor reasons.

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