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Template Support / Hex color issues
« on: April 20, 2022, 01:22:49 AM »
Hi there, I'm new to the AbanteCart platform but recently installed it on my server for the purpose of building my online store upon.

After I had a look around what the default template could do I decided I wanted to see what the extension store had to offer. There were a few options but I decided to get the Dynamic Customized Theme Template. Once installed I went ahead and starting seeing what it could do, it seemed alright, I edited the layouts, changed the hex color codes for the back ground/header/footer, and then started adding categories.

What I have now noticed is when viewing the site in different browsers the colors for the site and changing. For example on Firefox it shows as a white back ground, dark header with blue menu text. Where as on chrome the background is dark like it's meant to be but the menu text in the header is the same color as it meaning it's not visible unless highlighted. I went back into the settings for these colors and they have not reset or changed from what I set. I have also noticed the text colors I have selected don't apply to the menu fonts for some reason.

It would be great if someone here can shed some light on this problem as it's still early days in the development phase for me so I would like to see if I can fix this.

Thanks for your time

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