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Support / Re: Want to reinstall my abantecart application!
« on: April 03, 2018, 08:19:41 AM »
Greetings, AbanteCart comunity!

I have just moved from localhost to web provider, using mostly this page as a guide. I have made a guide myself, and I shall share it with you:

1. Install new AbanteCart (I did with Softaculous, with the demo store, which was no problem - it got erased in between the other steps).
NOTE 1: You need to select the same database name and prefix as on your current AbanteCart instance. Use MySQL-Front or another DBMS to find out.
NOTE 2: You need to use same Admin username, password and folder as on your current AbanteCart instance.

2. On existing AbanteCart instance, do backup of database, code and resource library (do not include config). Files at "files" need to be extracted to root. Zip it all.

3. Upload backup onto /public_html folder.

4. Unzip it all. Check if it was correctly Unziped.

5. On your new AbanteCart, go Data -> Import -> Restore and restore your database from the backup.

6. You will need to replace UNIQUE_ID and ENCRYPTION_KEY keys from your original installation into new configuration file. It is in system/config.php. Copy them from old system/config.php to new file.

7. Clear new AbanteCart cache

8. ????

9. Profit

Certainly my writting is confusing. Who got problems with it, please correct this guide.

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