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General Support / SOLVED:change padding on block
« on: July 30, 2021, 09:03:29 PM »
Still learning.
I added an HTML block to content top. It is too far to the left (see first screenshot). I used inspect and changed the left padding to 125 and it comes out perfect.(see 2nd screenshot) My issue is, I cannot find this code anywhere in my file manager to actually change it. I am still learning how to use inspect to find files and can find most so far, so forgive me. can anyone tell me where this is in the file manager to change it?

General Support / Qty box only needed on certain products
« on: July 21, 2021, 07:00:47 PM »
Need opinion on best way to go about this.
I have different products with different needs for the QTY box (Shows on product page and in cart and is not a block that can just be hidden). For business cards I want them to select the qty from a select box (see attachment. By putting product price at 0 and making this list, the customer has to choose between 50, 100 and 250 cards and gives a specific price for that selection. This works perfectly.  But on these business card pages I do not want the other QTY box to show .

   Now on other pages I want the default QTY box for things like Copies/prints and flyers because they can give me an exact qty that they need, and the price is per page.

How can I delete or hide the QTY box from some, but not all product pages. I don't know much about hooks but I could probably learn, unless there is any other suggestion on how to go about this.
I'd love your thoughts on this and if I need a hook, what should I look at to learn

Thanks in advance.

Template Support / issue editing email templates
« on: July 18, 2021, 04:48:22 PM »
I seem to have an issue with editing the email templates. When I click on the icon to edit one, it  takes me out of admin and directly to my website (the url it takes me to is  Prior to my fresh reinstallation, I would see the template and could edit it.

I do not have this issue with editing forms etc. it takes me to the editing screen as it should with everything else.
I cleared cache and tried again. I even tested it with another computer which I have never used before for admin or to go to my website and it does exactly the same thing.
I am using version 1.3.0. with A2 hosting

I am wondering if anyone else has had this issue

This is what I see in my error log:
2021-07-18 16:08:40 - database error: AbanteCart core v.1.3.0 SQL Error: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 1
Error No: 1064
SQL: SELECT * FROM abj1_email_templates WHERE text_id='admin_approval_email' AND language_id=1 AND store_id=
PHP call stack:
#0 /home/bdlgraph/public_html/core/lib/db.php:102
#1 /home/bdlgraph/public_html/core/engine/extensions.php:1151
#2 /home/bdlgraph/public_html/core/engine/extensions.php:372
#3 /home/bdlgraph/public_html/core/lib/db.php:68
#4 /home/bdlgraph/public_html/admin/model/design/email_template.php:145
#5 /home/bdlgraph/public_html/admin/controller/pages/design/email_templates.php:214
#6 /home/bdlgraph/public_html/admin/controller/pages/design/email_templates.php:184
#7 /home/bdlgraph/public_html/core/engine/dispatcher.php:287
#8 /home/bdlgraph/public_html/core/engine/dispatcher.php:322
#9 /home/bdlgraph/public_html/core/engine/page.php:108
#10 /home/bdlgraph/public_html/core/engine/router.php:193
#11 /home/bdlgraph/public_html/core/engine/router.php:86
#12 /home/bdlgraph/public_html/index.php:97
in <b>/home/bdlgraph/public_html/core/database/amysqli.php</b> on line <b>119</b>
Thanks in advance

EDIT:      I finally ran across another post that had same issue. This worked for me as well :

To solve an issue needs to replace file  public_html/core/lib/config.php
with this

Built-in Features / Customer Account Page Suggestion
« on: July 17, 2021, 04:05:13 PM »
I hope this is where to post this suggestion.
I have been doing some testing as though I were a customer. I noticed that when I am logged in  and click on "ACCOUNT" to see my wishlist etc, it takes me to a login screen (As you can see in screenshot, I am already logged in, so this does not make sense to me). I also only see "login" and "Check your order" when I click on the word "account". I tried clicking on "Welcome back second (The name of my test account") and that is where I see the full list for my account. It seems to me, this list should actually show up under the word "account" instead. most customers are not going to click on the words "welcome Back".
What are your thoughts?

Configuration / help correcting product grid view
« on: July 13, 2021, 03:20:34 PM »
I really hate posting another question :( but I have inspected the page, looked at style.css etc, looked at the way my 3 product details are in admin (all exactly the same).  and I cannot figure out why one product looks wonderful (The top one on the screenshot) and the other 2 are showing completely different on the page. ideally, I would like all to be in a horizontal row. I seriously cannot find anything that I have done different with the top one compared to the other 2. I have even deleted the products one by one and added new, still shows the same way.  If you could tell me what I should check and/or where, it would be so helpful.

Sidenote: when I used abantecart before, I learned it rather quickly and was able to help other posters eventually  (Unfortunately I got very ill and had to step away from that business, but I'm back now with a new business). I can't wait to get to that level again. You guys are wonderful!

Extensions and Add-Ons / email editor extension
« on: July 08, 2021, 09:54:03 PM »
Hello, I would like to have a feature that allows me to use different email addresses for the different email templates (Noreply@mydomain, Support@mydomain, Orders@mydomain etc.) . I came across something called "Email Editor" extension when searching online. The description sounds like exactly what I need, however all I can find is a description, I cannot find where to get this extension at and whether or not it is a free extension. Does anyone know? Has anyone used it before?
Thanks in advance

Hi all, I haven't used Abantecart for many years, I love abantecart and have missed it!.
I'm setting up a product for business cards. I have them in sets of 50, 100 and 250. I want the customer to select which one (50, 100, 250) from the drop down that I made. This is all fine except that I would like to remove the box that shows the product as $0.00. Is this possible (I assume it is in code somewhere since I cannot find it in the layout.)Please see the attachment for detail. Thank you in advance!

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