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Customization help / Adding new fields on checkout pages
« on: January 27, 2017, 01:29:47 PM »
Hello, I need to add three text fields on
Code: [Select]
?rt=checkout/payment page, to take important information needed for the services I provide via my store.
I have taken following steps: -

1. I have added the required fields in this page -
Code: [Select]
\storefront\controller\pages\checkout\payment.php like this -

2. Have modified the database and created the required fields and edited this file -
Code: [Select]
\storefront\model\checkout\order.php to modify the SQL, like this -

3. Have modified these two template files -
Code: [Select]
\storefront\view\default\template\pages\checkout\payment.tpl and
Code: [Select]
\storefront\view\default\template\pages\checkout\confirm.tpl, to add the textboxes on
Code: [Select]
?rt=checkout/payment page and show the entered values on the
Code: [Select]
?rt=checkout/confirm page. Have edited templates like this -
payment.tpl: -

confirm.tpl: -

The textboxes are shown on
Code: [Select]
?rt=checkout/payment page but the values are not shown on
Code: [Select]
?rt=checkout/confirm page, neither are they geting inserted in the database. e.g.:-
Textboxes are shown: (Not able to correctly position the Red required asterisk as well)

Values are not shown on checkout/confirm page:

Please advise whether I have done it correctly or have missed or overlooked something?

Many thanks.

P.S. I do not want to use any extension from the marketplace.

Configuration / Possible to have 1 character category name?
« on: January 05, 2017, 07:08:46 AM »
1. Hello, I was wondering is it possible to add categories with 1 character name? Currently when I add with a category with a single character name it gives this error -
Code: [Select]
Category Name must be between 2 and 32 characters!
Why I want to do this is because I want my customers to view the products categorized by Alphabets. For example, I wish to create categories like this -

PS3 Games > Browse All Games
PS3 Games > Browse by Alphabet > A
PS3 Games > Browse by Alphabet > B
PS3 Games > Browse by Alphabet > C
PS3 Games > Browse by Alphabet > Z

Hope you understand. Or if there is a better way of doing this please tell.

2. Also please see the attached image, some of the images are not showing on the site, have tried clearing cache and everything, still it shows the missing image box.

Thank you//

Support / Blank page when trying to install
« on: December 28, 2016, 03:17:13 AM »
Hello, I have a VPS server with CentOS 6.8 64 bit installed.
I had successfully downloaded and extracted Abantecart v1.2.9. Now when I go to the /install/ directory via browser, I get the first page absolutely fine(The License agreement page) but when I click Next to go to the Compatibility Validation page it just shows a blank page. No error or anything.
I had even turned on PHP error reporting but still no info or error.
Can someone please help in this regard?

Thank you.

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