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Extension Support / Reg: Restoration of store id
« on: September 15, 2023, 01:52:00 PM »
Hello basara

i deleted my old store from my account, is it possible to restore the store id (ID: c18c081b3bcbe644606ef9bf1f8ca22c)

i bought the Mercato market theme at a price $80 but the theme not working

I contacted the theme developer he said your support expired and need to buy he said, but I'm unable to buy support at $24 the price shows $80.

Again I contacted the theme developer he said I needed to buy the same store ID that I brought the theme but the store ID was deleted.

Is it possible to restore the old store id that I deleted or again I need to buy a theme

Regarding this issue, I sent many emails to the Abantecart team but no reply i received, I've been waiting Abantecart team to reply science 9 months

Please give the solution

Thank you in advance

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