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It was the softculous install, installed manually and it is fine!

I have just installed AbanteCart (best cart around), and did it via softculuos because I was having trouble with my computer and path name too long errors, I have not used this type of install before.

My server info is:
Hosting Package    default
Server Name    server
cPanel Version    86.0 (build 21)
Apache Version    2.4.43
PHP Version    5.6.40
MySQL Version    10.2.32-MariaDB
Architecture    x86_64
Operating System    linux
Path to Sendmail    /usr/sbin/sendmail
Path to Perl    /usr/bin/perl
Perl Version    5.16.3
Kernel Version    3.10.0-957.1.3.el7.x86_64


When I add anything to the cart, I get on the cart page the message "your shopping cart is empty" sounds like it may be a permission issue, which page do I need to change permissions on?

I do have other abantecart installs so it isn't my server.

Or I can start over if Abantecart has the option to upload and install from a zip file, is that a possibility?

Thanks in advance for your help.


I am from Softaculous Scripts Team. Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. I have made test installation on one of our cPanel server and sent details to AbanteCart Team. They will check if there is any issue.

Users can also open support ticket with us if they get any issue regarding AbanteCart installation done through Softaculous. We will try our level best to solve your issues. I am not allowed to post external links. @AbanteCartTeam Can you please post Softaculous support link in this thread so if users can contact us as well.

We will update here once AbanteCart Team test the installation.

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