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Anyone know how this would be done in the US?   A lot of the zones are state based so what would be the best way to split up a state into multiple zones...such as by zip codes or at least the 1st 3 digits in a zipcode?

Maybe I need to look into editing or doing searches in zone.php?

Searching more USPS messages, I found this one:

So it looks like it's the same problem.  The Abantecart code references a USPS site that doesn't work anymore so if you change it, it should be working I think.

I get strange shipping options though so have to work through those currently.

It doesn't let me post external links so maybe someone can see if this is even an issue or if something changed with the USPS or maybe their test server was down this morning...

Anyhow, I was having a tough time triggering the default_usps extension to fire to calculate shipping in my cart this morning...When I entered a zipcode and hit enter, it does it's thing, but nothing shipping from USPS shows up.  I entered my USPS Web Tools User ID and password, but nothing...

Anyhow, I was looking at the php code on the server and noticed that compared to my email, the URL for the USPS server that it's checking is hard coded as:
File I was looking at: ./extensions/default_usps/storefront/model/extension/default_usps.php

Line 127:
                                curl_setopt($curl, CURLOPT_, 'uspswebapiaddress/ShippingAPITest.dll?' . $request);

On the email after I created my USPS Webapi account, I get:

 ----- Forwarded Message -----
Subject: Important USPS Web Tool Registration Notice

***** Please DO NOT REPLY to this automated message.  Contact information is provided below. *****

Thank you for registering for the U. S. Postal Service's Web Tools Application Program Interfaces (APIs).  We are providing you with a Username to allow for access to the Production Servers, either through a third party ecommerce shipping software or through direct integration.

Your Username is myusername
Your Password is mypassword

The URLs you will use for the Production Servers are:

There is no "Test" in the address.

Was there another location where we can enter the USPS shipping apis website?

Wasn't sure if I'm looking in the wrong spot or not.

On version 1.1.9.  Once I changed the address without test, it ran off a calculation of the shipping.

Support / Re: Block can not delete
« on: September 18, 2014, 06:21:41 PM »
Hi guys,

I am having the same problems as the user mentioned above and even with or without the blocks being used in the layout I get the same error of "Can't delete because this block is in use. Please visit Layout section."

How was this error resolved?  I am using a new install of 1.1.9 (September 2014)



I have the same issue too and I'm on the same version as you...maybe it got fixed and something in the upgrade broke it again?

If someone did this, I think you can see the issue:

Support / Re: Maintenance mode little bug?
« on: September 14, 2014, 03:26:16 PM »
Forcing https to the site seems to have fixed it actually.

I think what's happening is that the SSL session and my regular http session is cancelling the other session out so it eventually pushes me out of the website when it's in maintenance mode.

When I force it to use https:// for everything via .htaccess, it doesn't have this issue anymore and pops right into the store if I'm logged in as admin.

Support / Re: Maintenance mode little bug?
« on: September 14, 2014, 08:32:43 AM »
Thanks for your time and tips!  I tried it on both browsers, but get the same result...

Is the "mtce" page you refer to just the maintenance page (any page on the website?).

I feel it's probably something really simple in my config since not many people seem to have this issue...I also created another "admin" account user since my 1st/default admin user wasn't created with login name "admin".

Does anyone know what files control the "Storefront" link?  I think something within my environment is making it not work.
That said, I don't think I've ever seen it work for me so maybe it's not the account since I used "admin" on my first install...

Thanks for any other ideas to try and your time!

Edit: I created another store with the admin login and still get the same error...Not sure what's preventing it from working, but probably something which doesn't recognize my session or something on my computer.  Going to load another browser and see if that works.

Edit2: Loaded a completely new browser on my machine (Opera) and still get the same result.  Going to try a different machine in the house...

Edit3: Same issue on another machine...Have to think a bit more since a setting/tag/config file is probably setup completely wrong...turning off maintenance mode works immediately of course.

Edit4: Ok, I finally see what it looks like if it's working.  If someone knows what's happening in the backend, maybe I can fix it more permanently or can give me tips on fixing it.  I think my SSL session/setting is messing up my session preventing my admin user from getting access when it's in maintenance mode.  However, if I click it in this order, I can then see the store while in maintenance mode with the top message "Notice: Maintenance mode is on."

When it's not working, I can do this to get it working:
1) From the Admin Dashboard: System -> Settings -> Details
By default, my "Use SSL" is "ON"

2) Turn "Use SSL" to "OFF"

3) Click on "Storefront" on the top

4) It opens the store still in maintenance mode.

5) Go back to the Admin Dashboard window that should still be open and
Turn "Use SSL" to "ON"

6) Now, go back to the storefront tab/window that opened and failed earlier and put https:// in front of the store url and refresh and it works after that...

7) I can reproduce it constantly, however...I notice that if I ever go to a page that isn't https:// (like home, login, account, etc...), it reverts back to my earlier problem and I have to do this again to get back in with the store.

Maybe I need to just use https everywhere?

Support / Re: Maintenance mode little bug?
« on: September 14, 2014, 01:13:48 AM »
I am running into this issue currently.  I click on the "Storefront" link next to the "You are logged in...", but still get the default maintenance page.

Is there a place to look at logs or debug it in some way?

I assume it's something simple in my environment or install causing this, but wasn't sure where or what to check...Happens on both Firefox and IE and I've actually never seen it work for me.

Thanks for any pointers!

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