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HI Abantecart team

Where can i find documentation that explains meaning of each every permission present for a user group?

For example, i see permission "total/low_order_fee" . What is the meaning of this permission? where can i find explanation of this permission? if the user have access to this permission, what user can do?

I want to understand such detailed information for each and every User permission. Where can i find this information?

HI Abantecart team

I am planning to implement multistore. I want to customize SKU to be generated automatically using store name and product id.
Want to understand where and how can i customize SKU to add store name and product id automatically.

HI Support

I created multistores using apprach of subdomains mentioned in document

From Admin Panel, i tried to create a new category and products to this category for the new store. But, i observed that product category and product were added to default store eveen when i created using store as new store.

When i checked database tables, observed that all products and categories are with store_id 0. Not sure if i need to add any additional setup to ensure that products and categories created for each store are visible in that store only. Please let me know.

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