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Thank you. That worked... IF you check the search descriptions checkbox on the advanced search page.

How do I make descriptions included in search by default?

That looks like that might work, thanks!

Can I please get a reply to this? Right now none of the text about my items is showing up in search results because the store search does not include any of the blurb content, which I believe is an oversight. Both description and blurb should be included in search results.

Otherwise I will have to redo my entire product inventory and copy the contents of the blurb field to the description field just to have it show up in search.

Thank you.

How-to questions / Add list of products's categories to product page?
« on: August 28, 2020, 12:43:17 AM »
I would like to add a block somewhere on the product page that is a list of categories and subcategories that the product has been tagged with, ideally with each category being a link to that category's page.

So, for example, if I have a jacket that I have categorized as "Outerwear" and "Seasonal" and "Clearance", there would be a list of those 3 categories on the product page, displayed in the same sort order as used in the menu hierarchy, which each of the category names being a link.

I think it would be a great way for customers to find other similar items based upon categorization.

Thank you.

I tried using the standard category block in the left column, but it too only displays the root level categories, not the subcategories as well.

Default template. The description displays "below the fold" on the page and the blurb displays at the upper right just above the price and add to cart section. My items do not have extensive descriptions so I am not using the description field, just the blurb field.

Good evening,

I don't use the description field in my design. I use Blurb instead.

So how do I include the contents of the Blurb field by default on all searches?

Thank you.

I've enabled a data listing block for categories to appear in the left column, but the problem is that it only shows the root (top level) categories, but I need it to show all subcategories as well.

Basically, my number of subcategories has grown to the point that only having them part of the dropdown menu can be cumbersome depending on the device/resolution you are using, so I want a persistent list of all categories and subcategories along the left side.

Basically the equivalent of the left column of the site map page.


How-to questions / How to remove specific sort options?
« on: August 16, 2020, 01:40:59 PM »
Good afternoon.

I am not using reviews/ratings on my store, so I want to remove the "Rating Highest" and Rating Lowest" options from the sort dropdown. I cannot find this in the settings anywhere.

Also, just about every question mark icon in the admin interface that is supposed to link to external help takes me to a page that says "Nothing matches your search". Why are those help icons there if there is no help for those items? Has the documentation just taken a back seat to development or has it been abandoned?

As much as I like the software itself, the help and external documentation is unfortunately almost nonexistent, at least as what ties in directly to the admin interface as opposed to articles.

Thank you.

Removing those 2 lines in init.php did the trick. Also, I checked the Install/Upgrade history and everything was green, and no error messages that I could see.

Everything appears to be working fine.

Thank you.

Also check why init.php has been not changed during upgrade.

What do you mean by this? How do I check "why" it hasn't changed? DO you mean check the file permissions of init.php or something else?

Probably you have many errors in install/upgrade history related to file permissions.

Where do I check this? The error log only shows the repeated messages given above, nothing else.

Thank you.

Ok, error is the same as reported in this thread:,8470.msg33660/topicseen.html#msg33660

I downloaded the new PaymentHandlerInterface.php that is linked in that thread, but the code is identical to what is already on the server.


[11-Aug-2020 23:27:21 UTC] PHP Parse error:  syntax error, unexpected ':', expecting ';' or '{' in /home/revenues/test/AbanteCart/core/lib/PaymentHandlerInterface.php on line 22

Code of file on server:

interface PaymentHandlerInterface

    public function id() : string;
    public function details() : array;

    public function is_available($payment_address) : bool;

    public function getErrors();

    public function processPayment(int $order_id, array $data = array()) : array;

    public function validatePaymentDetails(array $data) : array;

    public function callback(array $data = array());


I've uploaded the replacement file, copied and pasted in replacement code, all to no avail.

Bringing this back up, as I too would like to be able to set certain fields to defaults when creating a new product, but without using the clone feature.


Status => On
Quantity => 1

Thank you.

There's a couple of different places I'd ideally like to display the number of products/items currently available in the store.

1. On the site map page, after each category/subcategory link, put "(XXX items)" unlinked, where XXX is the number of items in that category including subcategories.

2. On the home page I would like to display a total quantity of in-stock items in the store at the top, ideally to the right of the cart summary box.

3. In the menu and dropdowns, similar to #1, displaying the number of in-stock items in parens after the link.

Thank you.

Where would I find these logs? I don't see a "logs" section or icon in cpanel.

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