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Support / Language Flag
« on: December 13, 2015, 01:13:52 AM »
I wanted to install an Arabic language on my abantecart but I noticed the available one in the marketplace had a very particular flag : Egypt. The website is not catering to anyone in Egypt and therefore having an Egypt flag would be quite off-putting to any user (the Arab speaking nations are quite a few, I'm sure you've all heard of Dubai and UAE - my market). Is there a way of changing the flag?
Please help; The only way i can contact the extension developer is if I purchase the app and I don't want to do that unless I'm quite sure I'll be able to work around this issue.

FTP and php goes over my head, so If anyone can help me out in simple terms, that would be very helpful. (Godaddy hosting)

Support / Want to reinstall my abantecart application!
« on: December 09, 2015, 09:12:29 AM »
My installation of Abantecart on my Godaddy website has been riddled with problems and errors and things I can't change .

So I have decided to uninstall and reinstall everything again onto my website.
Is that a good idea? as I have come very far with regards to my product catalog with nearly 300 products and categories; Is there a way to directly import everything including all the images? I would just drag and drop images onto the products using the resource library option. as I have to launch my website tomorrow and have been delaying it this long hoping to somehow solve all my problems, but no luck.

 Please help; I'm still fairly new to the whole cpanel and php interface so alot of things go over my head; and this forum has helped me alot so far but I feel if I reinstall everything it'll help. Please comment!

Support / Location and localizatioin
« on: November 29, 2015, 07:03:15 PM »
I know how to customise the location and the regional settings but I'm unable to alter the cities and states in United Arab Emirates, where this website skysoukdotcom/home is supposed to run.
I've attached an image with regards to the names as you can see; there is no way of editing these to my knowledge; please help.
As you can see Dubai is spelled as Dubayy, thats as controversial as naming Chicago as Shikago.

Support / Customer Create Account seems dead or doesn't work right!
« on: November 29, 2015, 02:52:14 PM »
I've just installed Abantecart to use on my website and I'm currently running simplystylish template. I have a question regarding Abantecart customer account creation: I am currently trying to make test accounts but there seems to be nothing happening on my website application; The customer is not notified of what happens next and neither does any of the data go into my server for any sort of verification or storage. Also no mails have been sent to the desired mail Id regarding any new order or customer!
Please help!! you can check for yourself right here : wwwDOTskysoukDOTcom/home is the website; I'm currently running the application through godaddy with whom I have bought the website and the hosting.

I've also been receiving messages daily on my abantecart app but I do not understand the relevance or how to stop/solve the same.
1.Your server is unable to create a session necessary for AbanteCart functionality. Check logs for exact error details and contact your hosting support administrator to resolve this error.
2./home/skysouk/public_html/home/system/config.php file needs to be set to read and execute modes to keep it secured from editing!
3./home/skysouk/public_html/home/index.php file is writable. It is recommended to set read and execute modes for this file to keep it secured and running properly!
4.Can't send emails. Please see log for details and check your mail settings.

Please help!

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