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Support / missing address info
« on: June 11, 2024, 01:02:32 AM »
in 1.3.4 version  there is missing address info on the invoice.  see my attached images for what I am seeing.  They are from the AbanteCart demo site.

The system settings seems to ignore the fields for city , state, postal code on the invoices.  If I add the missing info into the address field then the contact us is doubling the the info.

Please fix this for 1.4.0

Extensions and Add-Ons / Add new address button to checkout pages
« on: May 24, 2024, 11:46:06 PM »
in all cart version since adding Fast Checkout (which we really like)  there is one enhancement that would add a lot of clarity to customers buying on the Fast Checkout. 

Not all customers,  especially stores with middle -age to order customers ,  are fluent in icons.
My client admins all complain about their customers not being able to understand how to add an address alternative,  not edit an existing one  when they are in the checkout process. 

If you run the process as a customer you will see the current EDIT button ONLY takes you to the page to edit and EXISTING address.  Yes,  there is the right pane with the Manage Address Book,  however  most customer do NOT understand then need to be in the Address Book  to add another address.

We would like to request that you add  both the New Address and the Edit(with text)  buttons on the checkout process.
The ones that are in the Address Book.

Please refer to the attached image.

Thank you in advance for considering this.    We, as developer of extensions and service providers to AbanteCart admins,  have been making those adjustments to save our admins from customer confusion and complaints.  Hoping you will find it a positive improvement in the new 1.4.0

AbanteCart v2.0 / So Version 2.0 is out, but limited to paid plan??
« on: October 20, 2023, 01:16:43 PM »
Hi Core Devs,

Requesting some info on your Version 2.   You started posting on this board Nov 2017.  Been several posts over the years for suggestions and inquiries as to when it was coming out.

Now we see there is a Version 2,  but only as a managed service from AbanteCart.  Is it your current decision to only offer this as a paid platform?   If so,  would have been great to know that previously.

It would be appreciated to have a post on this forum as to your future plans.


Support / PayPal Pro in 1.3.3
« on: May 10, 2023, 08:49:09 PM »
Hello,  Can we still use PayPal Pro in 1.3.3,   there is no version in a clean install.  But an upgraded version still has it.  One of my clients has PayPal Pro for all it's features  -  need to know if it will continue to be updated in future versions of AbanteCart.

Built-in Features / Compression application
« on: February 05, 2023, 01:28:28 PM »
Hi Devs,  Happy 2023!!

Please provide some clarity on several settings regarding compression levels,  I find the info you AbanteCart docs confusing as to the actually application.

1.    Output compression level -  the compression level  is applied when a customer on storefront makes a request.  The compression is applied to the entire page, not just images?  The HIGHER the compression setting the MORE compress is applied.
Do you have any stats on the increase on server at different compression settings?

2.   Jpeg Images Compression -   this affects ONLY thumbnails?  And is it applied the first time a thumbnail is generated and it remains compressed until cache is cleared?  Or is it each time the image is called?

thanks for the feedback

Stripe V 1.1.2  that latest version using the connector works.   But  on the customer statements   the identifier is ONLY showing the Order number.   We have verified that the Public business information is set up correctly within the Stripe account to show the company name.   We can find no other place to force the use of the statement descriptor.  Nor do we know how the ShoppingShopping is originating

This is what is showing up within our Card account info - 
Nov 3, 2022   ORDER #10807   ShoppingShopping   $22.70   
The ShoppingShopping  should be the company name as showing in our Stripe Account info.  How do we get it to do so?

I have reached out to Stripe support  about this.  Below is the reply from my phone conversation.  Perhaps it will help you get to the solution quicker.

Hi Lee,

Thank you for accepting my call earlier about the information shown to your customer, glad we were able to find a solution.

Just a quick review of what we've accomplished today, you've mentioned that you've already entered your information in the "Public business information" section of your Stripe dashboard, however, your customer cannot see the store or site name; only see the order ID.

I've informed you that since there is no option to enter the order ID in your dashboard, then it means the information showing in your customer's statements are coming from the side of your platform (AbanteCart). Having said that, I would recommend reaching out to them so that they can look into it.

In case it helps, you can also share with them our Stripe documentation regarding statement descriptors:

If we can be of further help, feel free to reach out to us any time.

Best regards,

Support / Cart v 1.3.3 Softaculous cloning and staging
« on: August 18, 2022, 02:32:56 PM »
Did you make some type of changes to files or permissions  that causes Softaculous to not properly clone or stage v 1.3.3?

I can make a new installation of 1.3.3.  and it works correctly.
I clone that new installation and all the files are replicated,  except the config file  is empty.  So the cloned site will not open -  get
The requested URL was not found on this server.
Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

I have checked the file permissions,  I have tested this on two of my servers,  and 4 different domains.  I have tested previous AbanteCart versions, 1.3.2,  1.3.1 etc  on the same servers and domains that 1.3.3.  is not correct -  and all previous cart versions clone correctly.
All installations and testing are running on php8.0.   Although we did test a couple on 7.4  with the same result.

I can copy the config file from the originating installation  into the cloned installation and it works.

What has changed in 1.3.3?  or what do I need to fix in 1.3.3  as we use cloning  and staging for testing before updating live sites.

thanks in advance for your assistance

Built-in Features / global options placeholders
« on: August 07, 2022, 04:57:46 PM »
Is there a valid reason as to why there is no Placeholder input field in Selectbox and checkbox in global attributes?
There is a Placeholder field in input type.

For admins you have the same option setting for a lot of products -  it is time consuming to have to input that each time into a new product  and it is easy to forget the necessity for doing it.

Support / Application of fees for extended support renewals
« on: February 13, 2022, 09:31:43 PM »
I have lots of extensions purchased in the MarketPlace as well as clients who also have purchased extensions over the years and recently.   But all the sites I am working with have the same issues. 

The Info regarding support within the MarketPlace does not appear on any of the many sites that I have accessed.  The only solution I am presented is to repurchase the extension and extended support at full price again.   Reading of the MP info seems to indicate we should only be charged for additional support fee.   

Please answer the following questions regarding how extended support is available.  And for clarity in your intent for fees for support in these conditions:

1.    Is additional 12 mos support cost only the support fee?  Or must a rebuy with 12mos be repurchased?

2.   When can one buy the additional support after the first time?  I have some expiring 2/21/22  and they are connected to the MP  and they do show up as they are licensed to the correct site,  but there is no extend support button showing.
3.   What happens if extended support has expired a few days earlier -  is there a grace period to re-extend? 

4.   For extension purchased prior to having the extended support feature how does one get extended support?  And what is the fee for it?

Thanks in advance for answering with specific information so we all know what to expect.

One more question:  what is the proper procedure to move a license to a different installation?  How do we let MP  know it is disconnected from one site and installed in a new site and have it register correctly for support and updates?

General Support / changing default on length and weight
« on: February 11, 2022, 06:18:14 PM »
seems on v 1.3.1 and 1.3.2  even if the store settings are set to ounces and inches  or whatever  I am unable to change the default in weight classed or length classes

Clicking on Edit brings up the info box but input to change the value field will not work.  It will not allow a delete or a new input. 

this is occurring on ALL of my installations on multiple servers.  The rest of the site seems to function as expected.  But for sites that had inches and feet set previously and worked but since updating to 1.3.1 it is using the core settings of Centimeter and Kilogram thereby making admins remember to check the designation for new product adds.

suggestions or bug?

General Support / Extending support on MarketPlace extension
« on: January 31, 2022, 12:20:05 PM »
Please provide clarification on extending support:

MarketPlace says:
The purchased extension is provided with 120-day support from an author with free upgrades within this time frame. If your order support has expired, you will not get any updates for your extension and developers might refuse with the support requests.
You can extend support time and updates with the purchase of an additional 1-year support term.

If the store is connected to the extension, and the Extend Support button is clicked  -  is the renewal fee ONLY for the additional support? or does one have to repurchase the extension and the extended support?

It has been my experience with trying to buy extended support  that I have to rebuy the extension also. 

thank you for clarify what is suppose to happen.

Support / banner manager clicks without views
« on: October 26, 2021, 09:15:12 PM »
Hi Guys,
I encountered some odd behavior with banner image and banner block.   Some images had been set to off after Christmas last year.  Other images in banner images had been turned on and arranged with sort order  and appear correctly in the home page of the site. 

However,  the banner block , which contained the off images was only turned to off for the block. The new On images have not been added to the block until today. 

The oddity is the reports on banner stats shows clicks for 10 months,  no views. 

My question is why is an OFF condition recording clicks to something that cannot be seen on the site?

This is in AbanteCart 1.3.1,  but occurred from 1.2.16,  and 1.3.0

Built-in Features / Multi-Store in sub-folder setup
« on: August 31, 2021, 09:05:52 PM »
I believe you have also added in 1.3.0 the ability to use a sub-folder for multi-store. 

Could  you add the info to the docs page?

In particular the document root setting?  I believe that info would be helpful to Admins wanting to use that format for mulit-store.


General Support / retina images handling between v 1.2.0 and 1.2.16
« on: March 06, 2021, 02:22:21 AM »
I updated a new client site from a 1.2.0 version established in 2014 and never touched by the client.  The resource images were retina,  with high dpi.   His images need lots of detail in them and with the high dpi  they did.  It seems in 1.2.0  the resources image was used and scaled to the size to be displayed in various places with the cart.

How 1.2.16 handles retina is much different it seems.   The Resource image is resized in the thumbnails.  Then when the retina option in settings is enabled,  the thumbnail  is adding the 2x. 

Yes I have cleared cache etc.  It all looks great on non - retina screen.  Looks great on emulated retina screen.   Client says it look really bad on his Apple and his iPhone.
Is adamant that the image needs to be the resource image as in 1.2.0. 

Have I missed some setting?   Any suggestion as how to manage the originating images? Site is using php 7.3 currently with the AbanteCart 1.2.16?

Extension Support / MarketPlace site down and slowing admin access
« on: December 21, 2020, 11:59:07 AM »
Hi, I emailed you yesterday about the issue,  but I find today  the MarketPlace site is still down,  and this is causing ALL of my AbanteCart installations to have extremely slow response times in the admin dashboard,  as request have to wait for the timeout from the MarketPlace.   This is happening rather MP is connected or not connected to the site.

This does not affect the Storefront,  so customers can shop,  but it negatively impacts the admins who are trying to use the Admin panel  for processing, etc.

I have attached a screenshot of the pingdom speed test as of a few minutes ago. 

Let's us all know when you have fixed this issue.

Lee at WHY2

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