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General Support / Re: changing default on length and weight
« on: April 05, 2022, 06:45:12 AM »

Also regarding the length, width and height fields in version 1.3.2 is a mandatory field how can set these field not to mandatory.
In some cases i need to show my customer the length and width and don't need the height

General Support / Re: Abantecart V 1.3.1 on multistore
« on: November 09, 2021, 08:35:09 AM »
In the database the categories are to second store but in the admin panel i don't see them, for both stores i see same categories

General Support / Re: Abantecart V 1.3.1 on multistore
« on: November 08, 2021, 01:25:00 PM »
I would like to add that i checked the categories in the database tables and they are there and correct and cannot see why the are vanished [do not appear] on the second store

General Support / Abantecart V 1.3.1 on multistore
« on: November 08, 2021, 12:16:37 PM »

I have 2 stores with my abantecart and upgraded from v1.2.16 to version 1.3 and then to 1.3.1 and the subdomain store [the second store] categories are not found in the admin panel and also not working on the actual site

Please help me with this issue

Extension Support / Re: Extension Weight Based Shipping problem
« on: April 06, 2021, 07:37:20 AM »
Issue solved it was a server side issue


Extension Support / Extension Weight Based Shipping problem
« on: April 06, 2021, 04:53:23 AM »

I use the "Weight Based Shipping" extension and was trying to update the prices in the database and when i click the save button i get the below error

There has been a critical error processing your request
SQL Error: Incorrect key file for table './XXXXXXX_aban_bcc/abc_settings.MYI'; try to repair it
Error No: 126
SQL: DELETE FROM abc_settings WHERE `group` = 'default_weight' AND `key` = 'default_weight_1_rate' AND `store_id` = '0' PHP call stack: #0 /home/XXXXXXX/public_html/core/lib/db.php:100 #1 /home/XXXXXXX/public_html/core/engine/extensions.php:1176 #2 /home/XXXXXXX/public_html/core/engine/extensions.php:1127 #3 /home/XXXXXXX/public_html/core/lib/db.php:67 #4 /home/XXXXXXX/public_html/admin/model/setting/setting.php:294 #5 /home/XXXXXXX/public_html/extensions/default_weight/admin/controller/pages/extension/default_weight.php:48 #6 /home/XXXXXXX/public_html/core/engine/dispatcher.php:293 #7 /home/XXXXXX/public_html/core/engine/dispatcher.php:328 #8 /home/XXXXXXX/public_html/core/engine/page.php:108 #9 /home/XXXXXX/public_html/core/engine/router.php:176 #10 /home/XXXXXXX/public_html/core/engine/router.php:80 #11 /home/XXXXXXX/public_html/index.php:94 in /home/XXXXXX/public_html/core/database/amysqli.php on line 119

Support / Re: Fast Checkout
« on: February 12, 2021, 06:52:43 AM »

From what i can see is that fast checkout does not include the shipping cost specifically when there are more than one shipping option.

I have attached screenshots of the Weight-Based-Shipping extension but to see it more clear go to my website >> add small items to cart >> if the total weight is less than 2kg you can choose different shipping costs.

my website is
i stopped the fast checkout extension.

Support / Re: Fast Checkout
« on: February 12, 2021, 01:35:43 AM »

See attached image when fast checkout tested

Support / Re: Fast Checkout
« on: February 12, 2021, 01:15:01 AM »
I just checked it and what i see is that in some cases the cost off shipping is not included in the Fast checkout payment

Support / Re: Fast Checkout
« on: February 12, 2021, 01:08:05 AM »

I use default_weight for the shipping method no 3rd party and for payment

In the default_weight i have split in 3 categories, there is Economy shipping, ECO post Shipping and EMS shipping and when the customer adds to cart he has the choice to choose which method and cost if with the weight range and this has been working fine.
What i noticed that Fast checkout is working correctly but the was one case that this happened

Thanks in advance for checking

Support / Fast Checkout
« on: February 11, 2021, 10:26:59 AM »

I recently activated the fast checkout extension and got a sale but the the customer was charged with the subtotal of the order.
I use 2checkout as our payment processor and the customer was supposed to be charged $64 + $19 for shipping, total $83 instead he was charged only for $64

General Support / Multi store menu
« on: December 27, 2020, 12:35:45 AM »
Hi Everyone

I have a multi store setup one for retail sales and the second is for wholesale sales both working great but and i need to set the menu to show different links on each store.

Here is what i want to do:
On the retail store to show a link to the wholesale store and on the wholesale store to show a link to retail store

I searched how this can be done but cannot find out how to do it.

If it is not possible then it will be a good idea to add this feature

Thanks for the help in advance

Thanks for your reply.

here is the code how made it
    //2. check mysql driver
       // $sql = "SELECT TABLE_NAME AS 'table_name',
               //table_rows AS 'num_rows', (data_length + index_length - data_free) AS 'size'
            //FROM information_schema.TABLES
            //WHERE information_schema.TABLES.table_schema = '".DB_DATABASE."'";
      $sql = "SELECT TABLE_NAME AS 'table_name',
      table_rows AS 'num_rows', (data_length as signed + index_length  as signed - data_free as signed) AS 'size'
   FROM information_schema.TABLES
   WHERE information_schema.TABLES.table_schema = '".DB_DATABASE."'";   
        //$result = $this->db->query($sql,true);

Note that i had to last line i had to remove, if kept it does not solve the problem.
Now with this code the error message is gone

Thanks again

Mysql version is 5.7


I contacted my host support and they checked in depth the cause for this message [ Cannot get tables list. Please check privileges of mysql database user.] and their reply is below.


The reason for the experienced issue appears to be in the core files of Abantecart and more precisely in the following one:

In this file there is the following code:

 //2. check mysql driver
        $sql = "SELECT TABLE_NAME AS 'table_name',
                                        table_rows AS 'num_rows', (data_length + index_length - data_free) AS 'size'
                                FROM information_schema.TABLES
                                WHERE information_schema.TABLES.table_schema = '".DB_DATABASE."'";
        $result = $this->db->query($sql, true);
        if ($result === false && DB_DRIVER == 'mysql') {
            $this->error[] = 'Probably error will occur. Please change db-driver to "amysqli" in your /system/config.php file.';
        } elseif ($result === false) {
            $this->error[] = 'Cannot get tables list. Please check privileges of mysql database user.';
From what I can see this code is being used to check if the tables and data in your database, however opposite to the expected behavior of the application this SQL query returns false which makes the error "Cannot get tables list. Please check privileges of mysql database user." appear at the top of the extensions installation page.

This issue has nothing to do with the privileges of your MySQL user to the information_schema table as your database use already have full privileges for that table. Instead the issue here is caused by something else and that thing is the error which that SQL query results in:

SQL Error: BIGINT UNSIGNED value is out of range in '((`information_schema`.`TABLES`.`DATA_LENGTH` + `information_schema`.`TABLES`.`INDEX_LENGTH`) - `information_schema`.`TABLES`.`DATA_FREE`)'
Error No: 1690
Now, I am not sure why that error appears but definitely, it has nothing to do with the setup of the web hosting service. You might want to forward this result to the authors of the application. I read quite a lot about this error and I even tried to set the SQL mode to "NO_UNSIGNED_SUBTRACTION", however this error still persist.

By the way, from what I understand the file core/lib/backup.php is used with backup purposes, however, we already provide you with a free complimentary backup service so you should simply disregard this message and proceed further with the installation of the module except of course if that error prevents you to proceed with the installation.

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