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General Support / Re: secure status not extending to item links?
« Last post by abantecart on Today at 07:16:33 PM »
You can set both URL settings to use HTTPS
Go to system -> settings -> store details

General Support / secure status not extending to item links?
« Last post by moebius on Today at 02:51:08 PM »
having a small problem with a well established site.
when a user clicks on a catalog item from a secure page, they go to an unsecured item page. 
I've not found a setting to fix this, so I'm a little confused.

any assistance is appreciated :)
Database migration worked, thanks for the suggestion.
 Thanks, I have already tried all of those steps and they have not worked. I will try a database migration, thanks.
Steps to reset the password (if nothing else worked) would require a temporary code change.
Described in this post,547.msg1688.html#msg1688

Another option:
You can install new abantecart with new admin password and migrate user tables your older database.
NOTE: Make sure new installation has matching version of AbanteCart and database server
I am still unable to login. I have access to the database and everything. Is there a way to override the password and login?
I "resolved" this by setting Settings > System > System Check to Disabled. Not really a resolution, but since the file permissions are correct and AbanteCart was unable to provide further support, at least I am not nagged with the error message constantly.
Requested screenshots are attached.
Installation and Configuration / Re: Purchase Orders
« Last post by timlight10 on Today at 09:17:18 AM »
I use the check payment method for this, and I have renamed it to "Check/Purchase Order" in the language file as suggested here. Then, I do not release the order until I have the purchase order in hand and the customer has passed a credit check.
Yes it does.
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