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hello frnds ,
When i try to add product on my AbanteCart cart , it gives me error like this   "   404 Not Found

The server can not find the requested page:

    email-leads. com/ index.php?rt=account/login (port 443)
Please forward this error screen to's WebMaster.   "

my website url is : www .email-leads. com

Could sum1 plz suggest how to resolve it
i would be very thankful to u

Configuration / Domain Url is not Displaying properly
« on: July 18, 2014, 12:16:42 PM »
hello frnds ,
i am facing a problem after installing AbanteCart .
my webportal domain is www. email-leads .com

i have installed AbanteCart successfully . but when i feed this domain 'www. email-leads .com'
it does not display my portal and gives me error.

but when i use sub url i.e ' http:// email-leads .com/abantee/ '
it shows me and works fine..

may i know the solution of it , how could i make my portal visible on url 'www. email-leads .com '
do i need to shift some path directory ? anything like that?

i would appreciate if admin or other frnds could suggest me how to fix it

thanking u :)

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