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AbanteCart v2.0 / Re: SMS encryption and verifications
« on: November 16, 2019, 12:00:37 AM »
I would like to know if this feature only works when the telecom companies accept and located in a particular country alone?

Support / Re: Autofill State and City by Postal code
« on: January 08, 2019, 09:57:53 PM »
With all respect, I do not think anyone on Abantecart team will be interested in $15 contribution. Even I would not work on this for $15 as this requires time to develop.

Hopefully, you find someone else to do this for you.
With all respect, here I am suggesting some improvement that would be valuable to all Abantecart users and not for my personal requirement alone. So, It is "Contribution" and the very word means as such every one knows and does not mean fully funded by me. If you are also interested in your contribution to Abantecart development you do or if and when someone else also contributes to this. Otherwise I am also in no way need of getting this done fully from out of my pocket alone.

Support / Re: Autofill State and City by Postal code
« on: December 23, 2018, 02:20:05 AM »
To build an autofill for state and city is not a problem. We can do that.
The question if for source of information.

We have 3 options that comes to mind:

1. Look up state & city data in the AbanteCart database based on provided postal code
Issue: Manual maintenance for data will be required.

2. Look up as in #1. Create background process to query third party service to get details and update local database

3. Look up details in third party services dynamically on customer request. In here, we can also add a full address look up and verification

#3 makes more sense to me.
If you are willing to contribute, let us know.

Thanks for detailed options that you have listed. For me also option #3 seems good. But dependency on 3rd party service is what I am thinking to avoid if possible. Just like google did, if they charge for every page loads, then many cannot use that service. Maintaining our own database will be better in the long term as we need not depend on others.  But if you think it is best to do with option #3 using third party service dynamically with some reliable free service and develop codes for Abantecart, then  it is well and good. I am willing to contribute $15. Please let me know if its right and how to contribute? Thanks

Support / Re: Autofill State and City by Postal code
« on: December 21, 2018, 04:05:20 AM »

Check this one
Thanks for the link.  The recent changes in google API that billing account to be created has been criticized  by many people all over the world. What was free all these years in now charged  when free credits of $200 is exceeded. One has to provide payment method in our google account for this to use the API service. I don't want to take this commitment. Any other alternative ideas that we can do from our own server in Abantecart will be reliable and best option.  Moreover, here I mean just to fill CITY and STATE alone when user inputs Postal Code and not entire address search by MAP API. For this it can be a simple script in our own server.  I request someone here to suggest script and modification in Abantecart to achieve this.  Thanks

I found Github project on this, script explanation is given in this link:
Any ideas on how to modify it to use in Abantecart is needed.

Support / Autofill State and City by Postal code
« on: December 21, 2018, 01:06:43 AM »
When a customer fills Shipping address/ Billing address, auto filling of State and City when postal code is input would be a step forward, as, many eCommerce  sites  do. If this is not done many feel we are still behind.
 Can any one shed light on this with javascript code and PHP  etc... to achieve this in Abantecart? It would be best help. Thanks

I checked what this change entails and it would take some time to provide steps.
If you have no programming skills it would be even more difficult, as it would require to provide a complete solution for you.

You probably need to hire someone to do this.

Oh. If any ideas you come to know, please let me know. Thanks

Thank you AVS.

Very good suggestion.

One note, I do not think we need to provide an option for admins to select random id generation type.
We can use store unique key with random generator and it cam be just one.

Thank you very much for accepting my suggestion.  As you said, even though admins are not given choice of selecting id generator type, storing unique key with random generator to be shown to customers and others is a great step.  Thanks  :)

This subject is one of the most important one for implementing according to me, because, customers or competitors cannot not guess orders or next order id etc....  Let the order_id Auto increment be internal one for the admin / owner of shopping cart alone, to get sequential index of orders which is very important. But random id generated for each order_id is what needed to be shown to the  paymentgateway providers and customers. ( I know that one can change manually any start number in Auto increment field in database. Hence I am sure that my idea of this subject of random ids are clear though not a new discovery  :) ).   
The core and archirtechture in abantecart must allow the admin to use any type of random id generation, such as UUID, GUID or just simply Uniqid with timestamp and some prefix. Let it check database for existing ID, if new go a head or else continue to generate new one until it's new id and then automatically insert in database to prevent collision. Random id for both order and invoice would be a good feature.  Developers of version 2.0 may please take this suggestion and implement it. This would definitely be needy to many who are using AbanteCart for the website.
If possible an extension for it would be great as there is no need to worry about complications in the core files.
admin can just enable the extension and edit the options there to generate random IDs with particular desired pattern.

I Love AbanteCart for clean architecture and design and smooth performance. Though i have heard some other shopping cart softwares giving option to generate random IDs either through extension or on its own base, I am not interested to use those software as I find AbanteCart is much more better in all other aspects. Hence implementing this additional feature in AbanteCart would definitely make AbanteCart grow to different levels along with other developments you are already trying to make.

If you add new field into database, you also need to add it to order model, order class, possibly to controller and you need to add it to template as well.

Keep in mind, that if you what to show it in the admin order listing grid, you will need to update response controller that respond with JASON data for the grid.

Thanks for the reply with your ideas. But I am not that much knowledgeable about adding order model, class  to controller and JASON. If you can give any suggestion on sample code in these files would be helpful. Thanks

I would like to use Unique random ID for orders and keep default Order ID as internal only. Let the unique ID alone be shown to customers and payment gateway as well. How to modify order.php and invoice.tpl file to achieve this.
I tried to insert a column 'unix'  in ab_orders and used NOW() to generate random id that gets inserted in 'unix' column. But it is not showing invoice tpl as I am stuck up with fetching this data and get the result or echo it . How get this variable data and put it in the invoice page?
 Any ideas would be a great help!

Support / Re: Change Order ID to random number?
« on: December 10, 2018, 02:38:21 AM »
Thanks for sharing this. I tried, but the generated random number not getting inserted in Order ID in body of email sent to customers though it show in subject of email. Also order page when clicked does not show random number but it shows Original order ID field number. Can you please tell what i am missing?


I modified Mail template and it works now  sending  unique ID to customers instead of default Order ID. But this new field Unix value could not be shown in Invoice page or Order history page.
I tried to  modify Invoice but the value does not appear. How to retrieve this data from database and show in the invoice as Order ID ? Can you please suggest?

Customization help / Logo sent as attachment in Order Confirm Email_fix
« on: November 16, 2017, 11:06:26 AM »
Store Logo is sent as attachment in Order confirmation sent to customers. Image file is above the Order Details Tab in email. It looks distracting and it is unnecessary. I tried to edit order_confirm.tpl, but still email is sent with store logo as attachment. I want to prevent Store logo being sent in email all-together.
Please help me fix it. Thanks.

General Support / Re: email setting not working
« on: November 15, 2017, 05:54:59 AM »
Can you provide an example of what 'ordinary email' work for you and the one not work. What is your AbanteCart version?
Any errors in the server's log?
I am using AbanteCart V1.2.11

Just now done some changes in Email settings, DNS Management settings in host server etc... I am using all email addresses  with my domain name, though Google's G Suite free edition, (formerly GoogleApps and I am one of those who has free edition registered several years back). I made some settings in the host that made it work.
 Now SMTP  for alert Mail settings works perfectly. Email perfectly arrives at inbox when someone orders product. Also customers receive order details sent from "". It might be useful to someone looking for solution for similar problem I had. The following is what I did.

1.Login in to account where the domain is hosted (not Google Admin console).
2.Locate the page for updating domain’s DNS records.
This page might be called something like DNS management, Name server management, or Advanced settings.
3. Now add SPF record in DNS management page.
To do so, click add SPF record in Create a TXT record tab, containing this text: v=spf1 ~all
and wait for few hours to 48 hours to get this new DNS settings to get propagated in web throughout internet. New SPF record can take up to 48 hours to go into effect, but sometimes happens more quickly.
4. Now login to google email settings -->Forwarding POP/IMAP and check if POP is enabled and also IMAP is enabled. Not sure if it is absolutely necessary, but for me it worked.
5. In the Abantecart admin panel, in the Mail settings, SMTP HOST is set to: ssl:// ( for https domains otherwise just
 ( this is for custom domain name also. Note that, ssl:// is throwing error. But '@mydomain' email address works through google gmail smtp itself as we are using G SUITE)
6. Port is set to:465
7. Ensure that email address in the store settings and Mail settings for alert is same. If not, sometimes google servers might conclude it as spoofing and filter it and never deliver emails. For some people it might work with different Email IDs  but the domain must be same as Abantecart installation and in both store settings and Mail alert settings. One can use xxxxx @ in store settings as well as Mail alert settings.


General Support / Re: Customer IP address
« on: November 15, 2017, 05:19:45 AM »

It does Capture IP for guest orders. You should see it when you click to view order in admin.

WOW! I missed this when viewing in admin. IP address is already captured. Thanks  :)

General Support / Re: email setting not working
« on: November 13, 2017, 12:23:08 AM »
Nice links starfish777. But needed more precise fix for SMTP  to work in all situations including Email working through G Suite also.

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