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General Discussion / email templates
« on: June 18, 2020, 06:11:46 PM »
I see on GitHub this post  about Email templates - disable visual editor #1410

Can I assume that you have found the issue that if edit is made in the HTML tab,  no saving yet  but a switch to Visual tab to check the changes destroys the template?  Removing the HTML tags,  and rendering the templates  useless to customer.

Or do I need to post an additional bug report in github?

Support / v 1.2.16 on Softaculous
« on: May 20, 2020, 03:08:08 PM »
Just checking -  usually  the latest versions show up in Softaculous  within 2 days of release.   1.2.16 has been out for 5 days now  and still only 1.2.15.   Have you changed your approach to updating Softaculous versions?

Thanks for your reply

Can you please add some documentation to your manuals about how Collections is suppose to work.   We can add a collection,  but trying to have it show up in a category  or any place a customer can find it is unsuccessful with our trials. There are no tool-tips,  and everything we try does not give us a result that is expected. Current issue is we don't know how to show the collection in storefront in any manner.

Thanks in advance for adding  that instruction to your manual for all AbanteCart users.

The locations fields are missing in checkbox group and multiselectbox. They need the ability to assign locations to stock if Admin has more than one location. Other options work correctly.

From Basara on gitgub:
This is not a bug. We block location for multi values option types because this do not have sense in relation to stock tracking and stock returns.
Feel free to post you opinion at

So I am continuing my thoughts here:

When a product has any option with track turned ON -  the locations fields on the product general tab  are not shown and locations are forced to the options page.

If track on options is set OFF -  the locations show on main product page.  And one can use main page quantity for product sale.  BUT  the individual options (which may be products)  do not record the quantity changes leaving the admin to manually keep up with that stock.

I think you need to rethink this. Ideally when a multi selection option is enabled leave the locations on the main page  AND enable tracking on options to be ON  and record the change in the options quantities.  Here's why - if admin  has two or more locations -  a product with multi value options my need to be assigned to one of the locations -  and a different product with multi value options my need to be assigned to the other.  By removing the locations fields from main page and the options page  there is no way to assigned a location, Admin is forced to decide between accurate quantity tracking at the option level with no locations,  or location with no option level tracking. 

This impacts admins ability for store pickup assignment if there is more than one location. It will also impact shipping estimates  when we get the locations to reflect in the rate lookups. 

Since this is a core change when you added locations  IMO default code needs to include a way to give multi select options locations.   

Let us know your rethink on this exclusion.  Moving forward  either core devs needs to adjust or one of us third party extension devs will need to -  as you know we have several option extensions and we will be enhancing our many shippers to properly pickup the locations for shipping origination to get accurate rates,  as the inclusion of locations has made this a requirement for admins with multiple locations.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to your response.

Lee from
The Support Team
We Hear You 2, Inc  (WHY2)

Hi guys,
With all the nice features the last 3 versions have added -  seems updating the demo version on from the current v 1.2.11  to a later version would be beneficial to all.
ThanksLee (Why2)
yes I know keeping everything current is quite a battle ,  but necessary   ;)

Can you please upload the full and upgrade files for v. 1.2.13  into  Google Drive  AbanteCart Distribution Archives at your earliest -  as of a few minutes ago  they are not found there.

ThanksLee (why2)

I've been playing with the new stock locations  when track stock is enabled.  Thanks for the fix on the bug I reported.  I am testing on a site with those new files upload. 

I need your plan on how the locations are suppose to work.   First lets talk about tax rates -  depending on the state from where shipped  taxes may need to be assessed at the location of a remote warehouse rather than the address assigned to the store.  I have tried adding locations with different rates  but all I get is the same rate  -  even if I have sort orders enabled.  This is problematic for the admins in collecting the correct taxes  -  I haven't looked at AvaTax yet,  but assume it is going to have the same issue as we have to pass the origination info.  Tax rates work correctly for local settings based on store settings,  but I am not seeing the stock location being passed and used correctly.

This brings me to your default shippers -  same vane of issue -  there is not a way to pass the origination to FedEx  for one product shipping from Dallas and one product in the order shipping from Chicago -  They both will have the same destination,  but origination alters the rates.
Couldn't find definitive answers in the AbanteCart Documentaton.   Am I overlooking something or is this stock location not quite fully thought out yet?
Thanks in advance for the guidance.
Lee (why2)

Built-in Features / PayPal Checkout (new service)
« on: January 20, 2019, 01:25:06 PM »
PayPal  has a new offering called PayPal Checkout .   What is AbanteCart plans of adding this to the default payments?  If you are,  when might that be?

I am aware that the track stock option ON condition disengages the manual updating of track stock and quantity on the Product General page.   I am requesting a rethink of that.  Please refer to the attached screen shot for more clarity.

The Product dashboard reports the correct quantity,  a total of the options quantities.  However,  the current disengagement of the Product general quantity field -  the information remains "frozen"  as to the number that was there when the track options are engaged.  Please see if you can display the same total that shows on the Dashboard.   This disinformation on the Product general page is confusing -  and also a bit cumbersome to either have to refer to the dashboard  or to do the math on the options pages.

Seems if you can display the correct total on the dashboard you should be able to display it on the product general page.


Security / jQuery before 3.0.0 is vulnerable to XSS
« on: March 28, 2018, 11:12:42 PM »
While working to obtain PCI compliance on a site  all tests have been successfully passed except for one. 

CVE-2015-9251 fails with this notification:

jQuery before 3.0.0 is vulnerable to Cross-site Scripting (XSS) attacks when across-domain Ajax request is performed without the dataType option, causing text/javascript responses to be executed.

It looks like 1.2.12  version is using jQuery 1.12.4.  jQuery site states that verions 1.x and 2.x are no longer receiving patches.  Do you anticipate upgrading to 3.x  with the next AbanteCart version 1.2.13?

Info regarding the issue can be found here:

Any feedback on this would be appreciated.


Documentations & Manuals / coupon description where shown
« on: December 07, 2017, 10:47:33 PM »
when making a coupon there is a coupon description field - according to the manual it is suppose to appear on the storefront.  Where exactly is this suppose to show up?  I am unable to find it except with the admin panel for coupons.  The Coupon Name field is what is displayed on the checkout page.

From the manual Name: Enter a name of a new Coupon
Coupon Description: descriptive text you want to appear on the storefront

If multi-store is setup correctly  -  and all stores use the same shipping extension (say FedEx)  but each has it's own shipper account or at least the origination point is different -  does the current coding handle this?

Same question in regards to  payments - say PayPal -  can each location have their own account setup?

I suppose I am asking if the DB fields for payments and shippers are correctly associated with a store ID?

Thanks in advance.

Security / Apache UserDir Protection
« on: September 16, 2016, 01:08:11 PM »
One of my servers cPanel is now "recommending" a new feature  UserDir Protection to be enabled.  This will configure Apache‚Äôs mod_userdir functionality to only be active on the default hostname. User site data will no longer be accessible under other usernames.

Here is the link to more information:

under warnings it has this:
Websites that use the mod_rewrite or other directives in their .htaccess files will not function correctly when visitors view them through mod_userdir URLs.

So my question to the developers is  -  what is the correct setting for mod-userdir for AbanteCart installations?


Security / advertising link in footer on forum?
« on: July 10, 2016, 09:03:56 PM »

so what's with the link in the footer to the advertising

Worldwide Online Advertising Company

Currently  Customer Tax Address  as set in system > settings > checkout ques off the customer address as selected by the Admin  to use with customer billing or shipping address for the tax location and most often at least in US is the shipping address.

This works okay for most taxsing requirements, except in one case:

If Pickup from Store is selected - this changes the tax rules for an order as it now has to conform to the store location rules.  This will probably be different than a customer billing or shipping address.

Please consider adding an option for Pickup from Store to allow Admin to use store address for location lookup or some way to refer to a "store"  tax class that can be selected for the Pickup from Store  that overrides the system > settings > checkout rules for all other taxation rules.

Thanks for considering this function.

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