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Support / Autofill State and City by Postal code
« on: December 21, 2018, 01:06:43 AM »
When a customer fills Shipping address/ Billing address, auto filling of State and City when postal code is input would be a step forward, as, many eCommerce  sites  do. If this is not done many feel we are still behind.
 Can any one shed light on this with javascript code and PHP  etc... to achieve this in Abantecart? It would be best help. Thanks

This subject is one of the most important one for implementing according to me, because, customers or competitors cannot not guess orders or next order id etc....  Let the order_id Auto increment be internal one for the admin / owner of shopping cart alone, to get sequential index of orders which is very important. But random id generated for each order_id is what needed to be shown to the  paymentgateway providers and customers. ( I know that one can change manually any start number in Auto increment field in database. Hence I am sure that my idea of this subject of random ids are clear though not a new discovery  :) ).   
The core and archirtechture in abantecart must allow the admin to use any type of random id generation, such as UUID, GUID or just simply Uniqid with timestamp and some prefix. Let it check database for existing ID, if new go a head or else continue to generate new one until it's new id and then automatically insert in database to prevent collision. Random id for both order and invoice would be a good feature.  Developers of version 2.0 may please take this suggestion and implement it. This would definitely be needy to many who are using AbanteCart for the website.
If possible an extension for it would be great as there is no need to worry about complications in the core files.
admin can just enable the extension and edit the options there to generate random IDs with particular desired pattern.

I Love AbanteCart for clean architecture and design and smooth performance. Though i have heard some other shopping cart softwares giving option to generate random IDs either through extension or on its own base, I am not interested to use those software as I find AbanteCart is much more better in all other aspects. Hence implementing this additional feature in AbanteCart would definitely make AbanteCart grow to different levels along with other developments you are already trying to make.

I would like to use Unique random ID for orders and keep default Order ID as internal only. Let the unique ID alone be shown to customers and payment gateway as well. How to modify order.php and invoice.tpl file to achieve this.
I tried to insert a column 'unix'  in ab_orders and used NOW() to generate random id that gets inserted in 'unix' column. But it is not showing invoice tpl as I am stuck up with fetching this data and get the result or echo it . How get this variable data and put it in the invoice page?
 Any ideas would be a great help!

Customization help / Logo sent as attachment in Order Confirm Email_fix
« on: November 16, 2017, 11:06:26 AM »
Store Logo is sent as attachment in Order confirmation sent to customers. Image file is above the Order Details Tab in email. It looks distracting and it is unnecessary. I tried to edit order_confirm.tpl, but still email is sent with store logo as attachment. I want to prevent Store logo being sent in email all-together.
Please help me fix it. Thanks.

General Support / Customer IP address
« on: November 10, 2017, 07:10:46 AM »
Please tell me how to capture IP address of Guest customer. In admin panel it must be recorded along with order details. Can some one help me?

General Support / Quantity Column Missing in mobile view _BUG REPORT
« on: November 03, 2017, 05:22:32 AM »
Please see that after adding to cart the page goes to
In this page, it is showing Product name, Unit price, Total and Remove columns. Quantity column is missing in mobile phone. Customers will not be able to change quantity and update it in view cart page. To cross check if my files on my server are corrupted, I logged into your AC DEMO version after activating personal demo account. Your website also not showing quantity column in mobile.  It shows properly in Computer desktop.  Please check. I request you to kindly resolve it soon, and let customers don't ace any issues. Thanks.


Hi All,
I searched in the forum before posting this topic. Adding New field topic was there, which seems to be little complex for me. Also not sure how to implement it for this particular scenario.
Here I need to add just a Telephone number field in shipping address in 'Guest Checkout Step_1 page', when user clicks radio button to select shipping address separate from billing. When a user selects different address for shipping, then the telephone number most probably could be different. Let the customer decide to give a different telephone if needed. If billing telephone number is taken as default, the the delivery man who can only contact the person at the billing address rather than the customer at delivery address when delivery is executed. I am not bringing any new info which is known to everyone. But it is one of most important requirements.

Any easy method that can be included by modifying the present Shipping extensions by Devs already in place [ Both Free Shipping extension and Flat Rate Shipping extension]. OR, any other code that can be easily implemented  by me to get this desired result?

I inserted shipping_telephone in database to show in Guest Checkout Step_1 page and added in the php page also. Now the Telephone field is visible in Guest Checkout Step_1 page under shipping address with red asterisk. But it is not showing in Guest Checkout Step_3 page/Confirmation of order page.
What are the other steps to make it fully functional? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

AVS :)

Hi members,
It would helpful and great, if some one tell me how to modify Abantecart to display Shipping address form first on Top in the Guest Checkout_Step 1 page. If Billing address is different from shipping address, then the radio button click must show the billing form fields. This is opposite of  Abantecart present default checkout page_Step_1. Because many customers may prefer first to fill up shipping address and then select if billing address is same or not. I think the conversion rate in this setup would be good for me.

For developers, giving concrete solution for this must be a cakewalk. I am eagerly awaiting your responses.

AVS    :)

Customization help / Two field comparison
« on: October 19, 2017, 12:30:33 AM »
Hi All
 Please tell me how to add Confirm Email Field in Guest Checkout _Step_1 page.  Confirm Email field and Email Field must match, If not throw error to the user. As many are aware of, this kind of matching field elements is most commonly used in all types of forms on all over the Internet. In Abantecart, there is no such built in form field for it. In my experience, I have noticed several people make mistakes while typing email addresses in forms in a hurry or due to some other reason. To avoid typo errors, this Confirm Email field in checkout page_ Step_I is important. This will avoid risks of sending auto response email landing in to wrong email address with personal details of a user.

I searched in this forum about this topic but could not find anything related to this issue.

I am a layman and so someone please give me all steps and code to be included to achieve it. In case if database tables also have to be altered, please tell me how to do it. I don't want to screw-down or mess with database. Hence, please guide me with each and every steps involved in it to achieve this. OR, if any other extension is already available for this, please let me know.
I request developers and others with programing knowledge to give me a solution. I hope this would hugely be useful not only for me but also for all Abantecart users/store owners.

AVS  :)

Dear members,

It would helpful and great, if some one tell me how to modify Abantecart to display Shipping address form first on Top in the Guest Checkout_Step 1 page. If Billing address is different from shipping address, then the radio button click must show the billing form fields. This is opposite of  abantecart present default checkout page_Step_1. Because many customers may prefer first to fill up shipping address and then select if billing address is same or not.

AVS    :)

Please tell me how to allow Billing address with all countries in the world but for Shipping address, limit or restrict to one or two counties?
 When I do location and zone settings by switching off certain countries, billing and shipping drop down both are not showing the countries  I switched off. I need to show all countries in Billing drop down but disable other counties in shipping drop-down. This is because a user in any part of the world may order a product that has to be delivered somewhere else...

One may question, what if a user selects Billing and shipping address a same?
In this situation, on the top of it clear instruction alert  to user must be displayed if he selects any other country in the first place to urge him to select allowed country in the shipping drop-down. This is to ensure minimizing confusion and avoiding cancelling order later on and refund processes etc.. and  nip it in beginning itself. I request knowledgeable members to help me regarding this issue.

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