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Hi everybody !
Flat Shipping Rate does not disappear when Free Shipping limit is reached.
I'm waiting for a suggestion!
See the attachment!

Hi to all!
I need a solution to translate in different languages the head text from mobile menu dropdown "Go to.." from custom.js.
Thanks in advance!

We've created a LISTING BLOCK on the HOME PAGE to increase our audience.
In this block a number of favorite items have been selected.
We would like that when buyers return to their home page, they can see random items in this block.
20 articles would be enough to appear in this block!
We need help to solve this problem.
Any suggestions are welcome.
Thank you in advance.

Customization help / New text field under PRICE in PRODUCT PAGE
« on: August 06, 2017, 04:55:52 PM »
I need to create/insert a simple text field for/with some information, under the PRICE in some PRODUCT PAGE. Only some products need this, but is ok for me if leave empty for another. For example i need specify: "The price for this product is for 1 linear meter", or something like this, in general a comment for customer. In this way he know for what is this this price.
I need a simple solution. Optional, visible in SHOPPING CART, for product.
Maybe somebody can help me !
Thanks in advance !

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