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Installation and Configuration / Re: Logo sizes
« on: November 17, 2020, 03:44:40 PM »
Thanks again; I found the original logo on my computer, I'll try to resize it and try and upload again.  Is there a way to view it, aside from waiting for another order?

Installation and Configuration / Re: Logo sizes
« on: November 17, 2020, 01:25:10 PM »
I right-clicked to save the image; it's 100x100.  Maybe that's a thumbnail of what was there, I don't know, but at least until I can understand what's going on I deleted it entirely.

Installation and Configuration / Re: Logo sizes
« on: November 17, 2020, 05:31:27 AM »
Thanks for your help, as always.

Now more questions:  how did you determine the logo is 2000x235?  Before posting this, I tried right-clicking the photo to try and determine its size and couldn't find it.  I did a CTL+C copy and pasted it into Photoshop, and it said it was only about 100 pixels or so.  I'll have to spend more time tinkering with it -- if it's indeed 200 pixels long I can certainly resize to less than a quarter of that.

But then, once the change is made, is there a way to view this, other than wait for the next order to come in?


Installation and Configuration / Logo sizes
« on: November 16, 2020, 09:38:13 PM »
The big day has arrived!

I've been spending the past several weeks getting AbanteCart installed and configured, have received LOTS of fantastic help along the way, and have been loading in all the products.  Last night I finished -- ready to rock 'n roll!

Today I got my first order.  Everything appears to be working great, with one big exception.  I got an e-mail notifying me of the order, and it's difficult to read and impossible to print because my store logo is HUGE!  I obviously need to cut it down to size.

Now the big question:  is there a place within AbanteCart where I can resize the logo in the e-mail?  This same logo in other places looks fine, just the e-mail.  Also, I don't know if the customer got the same whopper-size logo as well.  Should I go somewhere and resize this, or do I need to cut it, go to Photoshop and cu the size, and reinstall it?

In the same light, each product has the Custom Autosound logo displayed, but in this case it's tiny.  Again, what's the best way to resize?


Installation and Configuration / Re: How to sort products
« on: October 17, 2020, 03:27:39 PM »
Found it -- thanks!  Global is fine.

Installation and Configuration / How to sort products
« on: October 17, 2020, 11:32:15 AM »
I've got a question about product sorting.  There's sort order  I get that -- but in the store itself, products seem to be listed as default by Date Old>New.  It is easily changed to various selections such as Name A-Z, Price Low.High, etc., but it seems the default is always Date Old>New.

How can I change the default sort order to Name A-Z for a particular category?  Or all categories, if that's what's required?


This thread just got revived because of some weird response, which apparently has been deleted.

As for going live, I've just done this.

This has been a rough ride, not because of AbanteCart but because of all sorts of external factors.  The OLD store has crashed entirely, and I've had customers frustrated because they can't order.  Meanwhile I've been hard at work trying to get the new store going, in my spare time which is at a premium because my workload has been all-time record.  Fortunately I can still go to the old store to copy and paste products, but it's still a LONG process!

I'm still not finished, but went live with the high hopes everything works.  I think we're fine.  There's still a LOT to do, but priority one is getting up and running.  I'm getting there but still have lots of questions, which i will be asking over time.

The VERY good news is that I've received outstanding support here, and the software itself is much easier to navigate and use -- this is BIG, when I need to get the job done.  Can't waste time trying to figure out how to do everything.  Many thanks!

As usual, thank you very much for the support.

I haven't done much to the site lately, aside from adding products, as I have been INUNDATED with work.  It's a good thing but I also need to get moving, as the old store has crashed entirely -- so I gotta get this one going.  Only so many hours in the day!  I'll be playing with this again very soon.  Thanks again!!

I'm still setting up, and am pretty happy with things overall.  I've been arranging categories and uploading products, all is going well.

But a few more questions:  First, I'm using Paypal and it's currently in sandbox mode.  So I'd like to test things out.  What should I expect?  Can I place an order, will it ask for a credit card, I'd like it to go through the motions and send e-mails, but of course not charge anything as it is a test.  I'm basically asking how to do this, and what to expect before I actually run it.  I think years ago with the old one, someone placed an order at the right moment and there we were!  Didn't need to test.  This time I want to check it out first.

Next question:  text boxes, is there a way to change the size and font?  Most of the text looks pretty good as it stands, but there are a couple of places where I'd like to enlarge the text and change the font, if possible.

Third question:  Everything looks good in the store, except my logo and brand is generally blue.  The trim and some of the text is teal.  Is it possible to change it?

Thanks, as always.  Really hoping to go live before long

Installation and Configuration / Special thanks
« on: August 24, 2020, 09:33:47 PM »
I have run into a few hurdles getting things set up, and the folks here have gone above and beyond to help me get it all straightened out.

A long time ago I was in electronics school, and we built a simple volt-ohm meter.  But the meter itself was only part of the project.  We were each told to write a manual for it, showing how to make various measurements, how to manage accuracy, how to read the dial scale, etc.  We were required to not only build it and figure out how to use it, but become so familiar that we can write it all down to show to others.  I can still hear the instructor describe the meaning of it -- "Imagine you're selling this meter,  You send with it a paper that says, "Congratulations, you just bought the best meter in the world.  Good luck with it!"  No, it is nothing without the documentation and support.

In the world of computers, we're dealing with systems far more advanced than a simple meter.  And yet, in far too many cases, that simple "good luck with it!" is all too familiar.  Documentation and support are half the battle.  It has been a refreshing surprise to find it here.  Being an open source program I wasn't expecting it, but some folks have gone above and beyond to help me get set up.

Everything I've seen so far with AbanteCart has been first class.  Over the past few weeks I've become familiar with things, and very soon I'll be putting it to the ultimate test.  If I happen to run into another bug, I'm confident I can get the support I need.  This is such a huge contrast from my previous software!

Again, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Yes, this was a bit weird because this was in there by default.  Whatever, it looks like I'm getting a lot closer to going live.

Thanks a million!

I PM'ed you already with exactly that.  Feel free to go into the site and see what you can find.  Thanks!

I don't understand.  What's anAPI key?  On that page are several API's, and a link to request an access key. I HAVE the access key.  UPS e-mailed it to me, I have the e-mail, there is no indication of any other key.

I honestly cannot understand why this is so tough to do.  I've scoured the forum, can't find anybody else who is having such issues, and yet I can't make this work to save my life!  Is there a super-secret code somewhere that I'm not being let in on?  Once again, the instructions said to get an access key, which I did and inserted.

Just as an addition, I just scoured the UPS page to look for ANYTHING related to username and password.

I also checked the status of my access code.  I got a chart that shows everything is "production" except for a couple of freight options which are "Test" mode.  I'm not shipping freight.  The rest looks good.

Going through instructions, I found a reference to where I need to log in with my USERNAME and password.  So I went to that page and clicked Log In.  Up came the login page, with my UPS Account number and the password I use to sign into UPS for everything else.  From this i can deduce that my username is my "User ID" which is my account number.

So I went back and put my User ID in the Username box.  Still doesn't work.  Obviously not getting very far.

Okay, here's the data for UPS:

UPS Default v 1.0.1


Status:  ON

Icon:  blank

Auto Select:  Off

Select to recent payments:  Select some options

Run Order:  blank

Additional Settings:

Access Key:  copy & paste the jibberish code they sent me

Username:  There was some confusion here when I set up earlier.  My account name is Gary E. Tayman.  I have a User ID for signing in.  I tried both, makes no difference.  Is there yet another?  Nothing that I can find anywhere.

Password:  my usual sign-in password.  Again, no other option was shown to me.

Pickup Method:  Customer counter

Package Type:  PAckage

Customer classification code:  03

Shipping Origin code:  US origin

Origin City/ atate etc:  Fullerton California 92822 Un

Test mode off

Quote type residential

Services:  Selected UPS Ground and UPS Standard

Display delivery weight off

Weight lbs, pounds

Dimensions  12x12x8

Tax Class none

Location  All Zones

I'll wait for your comments first.  If we can't figure it out, I'll send an e-mail to UPS Support.


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