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Feedback on My Store / The Gift Basket Lady Store
« on: February 05, 2015, 08:15:54 PM »
Just migrated from a completely different shopping cart to Abantecart v1.2.0.   I did not stray too far, if at all, away from the default templates and layouts.  The only significant change was to the header to put in a larger store logo.   

The site is up and running with Abantecart at

Built-in Features / Default Contact Block
« on: February 05, 2015, 07:48:42 PM »
Is there already or could a span class "fax" icon be added?

General Support / Insert new product hangs
« on: January 21, 2015, 03:19:44 AM »
Abantecart v1.2.0

Clicking the insert new product button results in plus icon going to a circling arrow icon.  No frame to enter new product pops up.

Was able to load two products and could not enter the third.  Cleared all caches using cache management panel.  Even logged out of cart admin and logged back in.  A few hours later was able to load a third product.  After a few hours I have been able to load a fourth product.

I did a check of MySQL database and discovered "abc_stores] warning: Found row where the auto_increment column has the value 0"  This may or may not be connected to the problem, but its the only thing I've found in any log of a warning or an error.

I'm a brand new Abantecart user beginning with V1.2.0

Most of the basic configuration is simple and straight forward.  My greatest frustration is  I need to change the template significantly and with only the default template I'm worried I'll break code beyond an easy fix.  Consequently I'm patiently awaiting release of an updated Extension Developer Tools (Wizard Creator)  that will work with Abantecart v1.2.0. (I'm not complaining or whining as I can wait a bit).

Eventually however  I desire to change current default template considerable.  At minimum I need to increase header size so a larger store logo can be used, which will likely need some other layout changes.

Also I  don't need or desire the Euro or other currency option either, but I've not started looking for where to change that yet.

The social icon used for Facebook and linked are not the ones I desire to use and I have not found where these icons reside and I also need a fax icon for the contact info in the footer.

Attached is screen shot (header/footer) of configuration done so far.  I circled in red the changes I'm currently digging around in admin design control panel and code in various files to modify configure.   More or less I'm trying to gain as much familiarity with things while I wait for updated Extension Developer Tools (Wizard Creator) or perhaps stumble across a template to buy that may fit my needs better than the default template.

Documentations & Manuals / Extension Developer Tools (Wizard Creator)
« on: January 11, 2015, 05:24:11 PM »
I installed the current version of Extension Developer Tools (Wizard Creator) which was release some months before release of Abantecart v1.2.0.  Although the Extension Developer Tools installs with no installation difficulties encountered it does not appear to be functioning properly.

A new template project can be created, but unable to open project to generate layout.xml file base of default_html5 template and add it to extension so the extension can be installed.   Any work around possible or available?

See attached screen shot--no open or close project options available.

Support / Unable to enter all admin login info, v1.2.0
« on: January 06, 2015, 09:57:48 PM »
Did new fresh install of Abantecart using Softaculous    method and also FTP install method.  The Abantecart Administration log in page does not give option to enter user name (the presumed area for doing so appears as a small unable to enter text square).  The second text area does allow text to be entered.  Unfortunately the login effort only results in "No match for Username and/or Password."

Attached is screen capture of the administration log in.

My in ignorance guess is perhaps PHP config  (Data Handling register_globals -on, should be off) and perhaps PHP being older version  If so, that fix requires me contacting contact the Hosting Server admin to correct this.  It may also be a glitch in the code to, so any corrective fix ideas would be helpful.

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