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Hey, Basara. Is it possible to contact you offline? I can create another admin account and you can configure all for me. Do you have such a service? Thanks,

I followed all the suggestions above and even updated to 1.3.2 version and got even worst. Now in the storefront none of the categories and products cannot be selected. Once clicked on any it throws the 404 error message. What the hell!? Also, after all the suggested settings, I tried to make a purchase as a guest, and system never asked me for the address????

one more attachment. Please advise!

Thanks for the response, but I found this link while was looking for solution on this forum, did not help, that is why I posted my question.
Please see attached setting, may be I still doing something wrong....

When the guest or member is making a purchase, after check out page, going to proceed with the payment, PayPal button is not there. There is no way customers can proceed with the payment. I read a lot in the forum, nothing helped. How to fi it? Thanks

I found that preinstalled item: Casual 3/4 Sleeve Baseball T-Shirt looks like multislect oprions from the Global attributes used and it has option to upload media. How is that works? Thanks,

To all, need help, guys. Just installed AbanteCart version 1.3.0.
Problem is: I created global attribute with multiselectbox and do not see the link to link the image to any option.
Also, if setting up a NEW OPTION in option tab, and if multiselectbox is chosen, it does not display the "ADD MEDIA" icon once new option value is added. So, looks like something is missing in the code? Is there some work around it?
Is this a bug? How to fix it? Thanks.

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