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Title: Export Customer data How to get country and state/province
Post by: LFBC on May 13, 2021, 11:34:30 AM
I have exported my customers to a csv file to move them over to a new e-commerce platform. The customer "country_id" is exported as a 3 digit number. I need to change this to a country name or 2 letter country code such as CA for Canada or US for United States before I can import my customers into the new platform. I cannot find a list of what countries these 3 digit numbers correspond to.

I also cannot figure out how to get a State or Province. I see that "zone_id" (a 4 digit number) was exported but I cannot figure out what these mean.

If I go to the customer profiles Country and state are listed. Is there a way to have country and state end up in the csv export file. or is there a list somewhere of what these country and region codes mean.

Most of my customers are US customers. If I can just figure out State I don't mind entering all the foreign customers manually if I have to.
Title: Re: Export Customer data How to get country and state/province
Post by: llegrand on May 13, 2021, 01:04:09 PM
if you google  country codes  you will see lots of places for the ISO list

I like this one a lot as it has the 2 and 3 alpha as well as the numeric in a grid form


I am unclear where you are exporting from.  If from an AbanteCart installation  the customer complete address is exported using the export feature in the admin dashboard.

as to the states:
there is one of these for each country.   Note:   the designation of US-AL  you would use only AL for the state of Alabama in the US address