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Templates / Adding details to Template for Fast Food
« on: April 05, 2020, 02:39:11 PM »
I am new to AbanteCart. It looks like it has great features but the template selection is lacking.

Long term I might get our creative team to build some modern-looking templates with a minimalist design which would certainly upgrade the template selection.  We've been doing a lot in the auto industry for auto manufacturers but right now that industry is dead. One Italian sports car manufacturer wanted to use our modern/minimalist design for all their dealerships after selecting us as an approved vendor - but that's on hold now.

My father in law and another friend have fast food locations and I want to help them process orders online. I was thinking AbanteCarte and Stripe. Many of the manufactures like  Stella Artois and Molsons are doing cross promos with Stripe so we are already there with payment. Now I need a flexible cart.

I am thinking of using one of your existing templates but need to know if I can add features for fast food and how to do it.

So my father in law has a Booster Juice location. He's currently taking phone in orders for take out and delivery by services like SkipTheDishes.

So your templates are old but workable until I can upgrade.

How can I display products like a drink for example, but add additional order items like extra shot (some kind of drop down with prices), then another extra item (like wheat grass - add $2).

So you get the idea. Each inventory item like a drink you can add other optional items like bee pollen $2.00, Immune booster - $4.00

Also, maybe ask for an upgrade like do you want a sandwich with your immune booster drink.

I've included some examples from other platforms.

Thanks in advance.

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