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Support / Can shipping labels with postage be printed from Abantecart?
« on: August 17, 2014, 09:26:37 AM »

Can shipping labels be printed directly from Abantecart?

Also, does it integrate with USPS postage provider like or Pitney Bowes to print postage on shipping label?

Support / Can refunds be issued from Abantecart?
« on: August 17, 2014, 09:21:27 AM »

Is it possible to issue full or partial refunds directly from Abantecart?

What is the process for this?

The only reference to refunds is under status where you can change the status to "refunded", does doing this cause a refund to be issued?

Okay, am happy to report that this problem has been SOLVED! You won't believe what the solution was, either.

After spending several nighttime hours, pulling out my hair trying to figure out why I can't seem to resolve this internal server error 500, I finally gave up and decided to call Godaddy support.

Sure enough, they checked everything on their end and couldn't see a reason why this error should be coming up, and the wise tech support guy just off the cuff suggested it may be a caching problem being caused by my browser.

Know what? HE WAS RIGHT. I had been using Internet Explorer to do the installation and for some strange reason, IE was causing the ISE 500 error!

I guess, IE was probably generating or sending some invisible rubbish to the server which it couldn't comprehend, or something else (as only IE can do.)

Nevertheless, on his suggestion, I tried the installation using Google Chrome, and voila! SUCCESS!!  ;D ;D ;D

Props to Godaddy support.

So, if you are having any kind of ISE 500 errors in the future, check your browser, if it's IE, that could be your problem.

Why, or why, cant Microsoft conform to the same browser standards everybody else has agreed to???? I shudder to think how many BILLIONS of man hours in IE work arounds, and BILLIONS of dollars this IE browser non conformation has caused the world.  :'( :'( :'(

Hi Lee,

Thanks for your fast reply and suggestion. Yes, I too have had several installation headaches in the past because Godaddy for a long time chose to use a proprietary non standard server setup. However, when they started offering C-Panel hosting a year or so back, I switched to their C-Panel hosting plan, and so far so good, until now, LOL!

However, I have installed dozens of other carts on Godaddy with no problem, and I think it's good for Abantecart, which is one of the best carts, to figure out why installation on Godaddy seems to always be a problem. I am sure I wont be the last person who will try to install Abantecart on Godaddy, as they are one of the biggest web hosts around.

Also, it's not very easy to switch to other hosts when you are somewhat committed, with all your stuff on a particular host, and you are used to the convenience, efficiency, or organizing aspect of keeping your domain host and webhost together.

So, I am still requesting assistance with this Internal Server Error 500 installation problem. Surely, there are other Abantecarts being hosted on Godaddy here who have overcame the installation problem?


Am having problems installing Abantecart on Godaddy hosting. I get past the first 2 installation screens (license agreement, compatibility validation) okay, and then when I click "continue" it gives a ISE 500 error. I have tried installing in the root html folder, as well as a subfolder (/store/) but same outcome. I have searched the forum and did all recommendations which worked for others (checking permissions to ensure 777, removing php.ini, changing .htaccess.txt to .htaccess, etc) but nothing is working.

Godaddy doesn't allow you instant access to server logs, it takes 24 hours after request. Is there anything obvious that I am doing wrong I can try to fix this annoying problem? >:( >:(

Thanks  ???

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