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Development Help Needed / Second domain name without creating a store
« on: November 03, 2015, 01:07:01 PM »

Anyone know how I could get a second domain name to point to a specific page within AbanteCart without creating a second store?

I have an extension I am working on that I would like the option to have a secondary domain name or a sub-domain be able to point to it. The extension resides within the cart and does have its own path by way of controller access (index.php?rt=xxx/xxx) and seo access (/xxx). I can get a sub-domain to point to /xxx but of course get errors and it does not work so well. Ideally the second domain pointer would be an alias to the main domain but keep its identity.

Creating a second store means creating a whole new set of template files, which I don't want to do as the extension relies on the existing store template files and data.

I thought about the possibility of using .htaccess redirect but have not tried it yet. I have also thought about partially creating a second store to get the identity but using the existing templates but I am not sure if this will cause additional problems.

Anyone have any thought on how I might accomplish this?


Development Help Needed / Listing Grid %ID% Replacement
« on: July 29, 2015, 02:27:24 AM »
I am working on a new extension which has large presence on the admin side. As such I have a few pages using the listing grid functions. I am on my last section and I am having a problem with the $ID% value in the edit link being properly replaced. Instead of the the record set row value each link and grid row value is a sequential number starting at 1 and increasing to the amount of records. On top of that, if I change the order of the records, I get the same result with the numbering starting at one and progressing...the original number does not stay with the sorted value.

I have built several sets of pages using the listing grid and this is the first one I have seen this problem. All are structured the with the same code structure just replaced values. All data flows correctly from query to responses to controller except for this problem.

The correct record values are being added to the array in the results loop on response->rows[$i]['id'] = [my id value]  line on the response page. But somehow the values are not making it to the jgrid script. I have done all sorts of testing and can not find the problem.

Any suggestion of what may be causing this problem or where I should be looking?

Thanks in advance

Payment Modules / PayPal Express Checkout Process
« on: March 30, 2015, 03:40:10 PM »
I recently installed PayPal Express, set everything up and fully tested. Everything works except the checkout process seems to be out of order.

Normal process with credit cards and other payment methods: Cart -> Shipping -> Select Payment Option -> Confirm Order (and enter cc info) -> Success Page

The Paypal Express process is: Cart -> Select Payment Option -> Payment through Paypal -> Confirm Order Page -> Success

Shouldn't the Paypal Express process be the same as other processes?: Cart  -> Select Payment Option -> Confirm Order Page -> Paypal Payment - > Success

I have two concerns about the current process:

1) The current Paypal process relies on the user to click the confirm button on the confirm order page once returned from Paypal. I don't know about you, but a user (maybe an inexperienced user) might think they are done when they are done once payment is made to Paypal and not realize they need to click this final button.

2) The confirm order page gives the user the opportunity to make changes to their order, shipping options, and payment information. Shouldn't this be done before going to Paypal?

The current process actually hits PayPal twice, once after the payment option choice and once again after the confirm button is clicked. Granted, the actual checkout with Paypal takes place when the confirm button is clicked. If changes are made from the confirm order page they do reflect on the actual order record in both the cart and at Paypal. However, wouldn't it be more efficient to go to Paypal once the order is actually confirmed?

Just to see what would happen, I commented out the unction: onControllerPagesCheckoutPayment_ProcessData() in the core file and did follow the process of Payment -> Confirm -> Paypal. The only difference is that Paypal did not show the cart contents only the total. This is because the product data is not being sent to Paypal in the responses/confirm function. An easy fix.

The only thing I can figure is the designed process is intentional and there is good reason why the process is as it is. Please enlighten me or let me before I make changes to the extension.

Template Support / How is which banner_block.tpl used determined?
« on: November 20, 2014, 03:19:10 PM »
I downloaded and installed template578. There are some issues that need to be addressed and I will send feedback when I am finished vetting it. This question has to do with the main page intro banners and how which banner_block.tpl is used.

Out of the box, the main page intro banners worked fine. The block being used was /extensions/template578/storefront/view/template578/template/blocks/banner_block_scroller.tpl and it worked great. I disabled then deleted the banners from the banner manager and replaced them with my own. Now all of the banners show up one after the other instead of being scrolled. It appears the block being used is not one in the template578 folder but coming from /extensions/banner_manager/storefront/view/default/template/blocks/banner_block_content.tpl.

How and which banner_block.tpl determined when a page loads?
How do I change this so the correct template is used?

Fresh Installation / Errors with installation
« on: November 01, 2014, 09:16:09 PM »
I am getting the error on the Configuration page of the install program:

Sorry, but error occurred during installation:
Internal Server Error:

I have set up the server environment as specified and set the correct permissions per the documentation. All checks on the Compatibility page are good. Connects to mySQL and creates the database with no problem. The install progress bar gets about a quarter of the way when the error occurs.

Server is Red Hat Enterprise 5 with Apache 2, MySQL 5.5 and Plesk 12.0.18

This is the first application installed in the server (there have been many) that I have had any problems with. I checked and rechecked everything and still cannot get it to work. I chose this shopping cart program because of all of the good reviews which included easy installation. Any clue what the problem is?

Further information:
Checked the error.txt file and found this - error:  AbanteCart core v.1.0 Call to a member function write() on a non-object in <b>/home/httpd/vhosts/[removed for security].com/httpdocs/core/lib/cache.php</b> on line <b>53</b>
The permissions are set correctly.

Tried the new file and changed permisions as in this post,2323.0.html. No luck

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