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I have exported my customers to a csv file to move them over to a new e-commerce platform. The customer "country_id" is exported as a 3 digit number. I need to change this to a country name or 2 letter country code such as CA for Canada or US for United States before I can import my customers into the new platform. I cannot find a list of what countries these 3 digit numbers correspond to.

I also cannot figure out how to get a State or Province. I see that "zone_id" (a 4 digit number) was exported but I cannot figure out what these mean.

If I go to the customer profiles Country and state are listed. Is there a way to have country and state end up in the csv export file. or is there a list somewhere of what these country and region codes mean.

Most of my customers are US customers. If I can just figure out State I don't mind entering all the foreign customers manually if I have to.

General Support / Checkout Failure
« on: May 18, 2017, 02:29:58 PM »
We have recently installed AbanteCart and have been testing the store.  We were just about ready to implement things as everything was going great.  We were running some fake orders through the store when suddenly we ran into an Internal Server error.  Our last successful order was made on 5-17 at 8 AM, and we have not been able to complete an order via Cash on Deliver or Credit Card through PayPal ever since.  We are able to process an order via payment by a PayPal account.

I have checked the error log, and there are no errors to be found.  We have rolled back any recent changes (the only one we could think of was changing our date_format) but it still has not helped.

Does anyone that knows more than I have any ideas of what might have happened here?

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