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General Support / Php Version Issue in Hosting Provider
« on: October 19, 2016, 12:37:14 AM »
I am testing my website on VPS Server and checking compatibility of my script with new server. But my website is not working on new server because I am using Php 5.3 and Host need 5.6 version. Is Abantecart uses 5.6 ? If yes kindly help me with download link.

Please read reply which I received from Hosting company::
Dear Customer,
Before downgrade php version from 5.6 to 5.3 We would like to update you that cPanel doesn't support php 5.3 no more. Means php 5.3 has exceeded end of life.
So We suggest you to that Kindly get compatible your website code with php 5.6.This php version is more secure than php 5.3.
So let us know How We shall proceed further on this.

Hello Members / Admin,

I am trying to upload new products on my E-commerce website. Everything goes well until I upload 25-30 products in one go through imports. But I want to upload >10000 SKU in one go. I need to upload at least 500K new products and this is not at all feasible to upload such small quantity at one time.

Can you suggest a better way to handle this situation. I am using India Servers for hosting my website and this is shared hosting. Everything goes well and handles around 3500 visitors on my website everyday. But I am going to advertise extensively now so need lot of new products and categories on my website. Cost is no product, I just need a feasible solution.

We sell on Amazon all channels and can upload even 50000 SKU in one go so I want to know the best way to upload large number of products at a time.


Built-in Features / New Products Bulk Upload with Images
« on: September 26, 2016, 07:17:37 AM »
Hello Members,

I do not know if there is an existing discussion on this topic. If it is there, kindly direct me to that discussion.

I have tried several times but I am not able to upload new products with images in one go. There are around 200K products which I need to upload on my E commerce website but without correct method it is not possible. I have gone through lot of topics but none of them could help me out. I do not know where I am lacking.


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