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How-to questions / Re: my products are not displaying
« on: February 02, 2018, 09:32:29 PM »
If this is when you add a product, you need to use the media tab, its in the docs. From memory it works slightly differently than logic tells you. But its deff in the docs, it took me ages to work out what i was doing wrong.

Template Support / Re: Changing the CSS isn't work
« on: September 13, 2017, 01:56:38 PM »
I am working on the the rest of my site first, there are some tutorials on you tube, search for firefox dev tools tutorials. Once i get a chance i will post my experience here incase it helps someone else. Also look in the tips sections of the forum, there are some good css snipits.

I too am a noob, but css is like most things, its not a spectator sport, you got to dive in, another tip........... MAKE A COPY of the theme!! I found the process of installing the dev tools traumatic, but it was worth doing

Template Support / Re: Changing the CSS isn't work
« on: September 12, 2017, 11:40:24 AM »
A small tip.............

When changing things, open another window in firefox private window. The private window dosnt cache anything so when you refresh it you should see changes.

I am very new to css but this is how i do things at the moment.
I use firefox dev tools, chrome browser also has similar. use the inspector tool to highlight what you want to change. this will bring the css selector into a box on the right of the tools. make changes in the developer window as this dosnt alter files.

For most tweaks you want to look for selectors in the css files and not the main 'inline' element.

When a change works using these tools, hover the mouse over the filename, it will tell you exactly the path to the file and the line number. go find this file and edit it by copying the changes you made in the dev tools. I hope this is clear, if not i might do a pic tutorial on how I do it.

Customization help / Re: Trust logo Comodo ssl how to?
« on: September 12, 2017, 11:31:15 AM »
sorry i got no idea on facebook..............i refuse point blank to join the rest of the world and get an account :P

Customization help / Re: Trust logo Comodo ssl how to?
« on: September 08, 2017, 11:51:04 PM »
I dont normally use those logo's, but reading your post I thought i would try it.

No idea if your having trouble still but i did the following.

I looked at the link from Basara, you will need that.

Then I found this resource from comodo

cant post links post links

You choose your cert type from the list, then choose the code size, it tells you to save the pic by right clicking etc, i didnt bother. But i am sure there is a reason to do it!!


Copy the code from the page i linked to, then make a HTML block as shown in video link, make sure your not in visual mode and simply paste the code from comodo site into it.

Then all I did was pick the home page from the layout menu, and in a random location chose to put the HTML block I had made. I then clicked on the little enable button on the block and save the layout.

The screen shot shows it working, keep in mind it was a quick try and the placement was random!!

I will redo it properly at some point if i want the seal on my site, otherwise i am taking it off, but as it shows, it is really simple to do.

Customization help / Re: Need a little guidence
« on: September 08, 2017, 11:07:34 PM »
The more I think about it, the more i am sure I can do a super version of what I want using blocks. I keep thinking things should be harder than they actually are with this software.

If I use the layout tools, then maybe a altered copy of the manufacture moving banner thing, i should be able to achieve what I am after. i will give it qa go and report back.

The main problem is the docs, I am not moaning its the same thing with most open source software. Do you want developers using time to code and improve the software, or would you rather they wasted it writing docs. I think alot of the time people tend to assume documentation is like a quick email, personally even for a noob like me, the docs are just enough to get you going, sure you got to figure things out but its worth the effort in the long run.

Obviously if your in a rush, then by all means pay money for an inferior product that has documentation........

Customization help / Need a little guidence
« on: September 08, 2017, 08:19:57 PM »
While this is obviously still very much a work in progress, I am getting the hang of it. I have uploaded a pic of the top part of my site, what I want to know is the following, if you look at the pic, in order to do what it outlines, am I correct in thinking the only way is to remove the social icon block at the top, then use that column to insert a Html Box?

I would like to put a kind of description of my site, and what it does at the top and center it. I have only just started learning CSS so not ready to go too deep into code :D. The other thing I wanted to know was, at the moment I appear to have 3 columns, I would like 4 in that area but having said that It is more important to me to have my site responsive for phones.

Anyone got any ideas? and and please ignore my logo, i also hate it and will change it!!

192KB upload!! man that took some doing getting the file down to size :P

Templates / Re: Unable to instal the theme developers tools
« on: September 07, 2017, 05:03:29 PM »
I have made two clones, both i think as extensions. One is just the css and files like that, the other is a full clone incase I seriously mess up!

Really not sure what to make of this software! On the one hand its incredibly complex in what it can achieve, and yet with a little effort even a real web noob who hasnt even installed software before, you can actually change the look etc fairly easy.

Its a real achievement, I nearly went with a paid for package, however after first trying it out for 30 days, i have got further in 6 hours with this, than i did in 30 days with that. And AbanteCart cart has alot more features (or at least alot more useful ones!).

I am rapidilly becoming a convert, also the code snipits in the forum here are a real gem, they have helped me greatly to get started

Templates / Re: Unable to instal the theme developers tools
« on: September 07, 2017, 04:49:04 PM »
Please ignore the above, i discovered fileziller lied to me and hadnt actually changed the recursive directories. I am doing a pic walk through of how I did it, it might help other real newbs in the future, and those of us with limited IT skills :D.

\sorry for the post 

Templates / Unable to instal the theme developers tools
« on: September 07, 2017, 04:42:12 PM »
I am sure this is likely down to something I am not doing correctly.

I have tried to follow the docs to the letter. So the following is a complete breakdown of what I have done

I followed the link to github and cloned the package

I then unzipped this on my local machine

Inside this folder I found the following files..............

developer_tools_extension-master    inside this folder was the following folders




I couldnt find any mention of the version to use in the docs, so I made the assumption that as i had used the latest stable version, then I would choose the V1.2 File

As i have no way to zip files as gzip.tar and the extension loader would not take a zip file, (i zipped up the correct files inside this folder, and not just the complete 1.2 folder).

So i used FTP

inside the folder 1.2, I navigated to the Developer_tools folder and uploaded that and its subfolders.
I then set all permission of the correct folders to 777.

I am unsure if I should have actually uploaded the entire structure including all the other folders inside the V1.2 folder, the docs seem to suggest you navigate to the extensions folder and upload the developers_tools folder and its contents.

Having done all that, if I then goto the design/templates part in the admin panel and click on the clone button, i just get taken back to the doc links, nowhere can i find anyway to clone the default template.

I only wish to clone the files so I can alter the look and not loose it when upgrading, at some point in the future I may also try and alter a few things, i dont want to do this without a back up template, incse i get myself into a situation.

So far on the main template I have had no issue changes a few small CSS things

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I also have a ftp set up if someone wants to double check what I have uploaded and done.

Thanks in advance.

I also tried running the install.php file directly via the browser, but just got a file not found, i am under https:// though

General Discussion / Re: Hi and Thank You
« on: September 07, 2017, 03:49:14 PM »
version was 2.10 installed via softaculous.

No error in logs, i also registered an account under another email address, the account shows as being there but it will not send a verification through....

I have a more pressing problem at the moment, however as soon as I have dealt with that I will pop back and give you a detailed report on all the issues I had in trying to sign up.

One problem involved missing the captcha pic (it was below the small screen i was using, and I didnt notice it, the software asked me to press the back button (which I did) and resend. I also did this. At that point I was informed the account existed, however it didnt, i proved this by closing the page and reopening it, then filling the form out again, i was then able to get an account open.

I will try another account using a similar email, any errors i get I will investigate fully and report back. But at the moment I have a major problem cloning the theme, i would like to get that issue sorted first if I can.

I appreciate all the help and the effort you guys put in to sort out these small problems that crop up.

By the way, the email not being sent isnt down to a spam box, i used an email account that dosnt have any spam protection on. the email and account for that is username LGPaul  and the email address was business at  this should show in the logs as a inactivated account, again I did send for another confirmation email but it never arrived.

This despite not having a spam filter, could well be down to the use of a shared hosting account, it is not uncommon for emails to go missing for no apparent reason.

I am keen to help if I can, so I will report back with full details in due course.

General Discussion / Re: Hi and Thank You
« on: September 07, 2017, 07:29:27 AM »
The email address was admin at  I got a invalid email address, obviously i didnt spell out At i did use @ :D

General Discussion / Hi and Thank You
« on: September 06, 2017, 09:37:46 PM »
Just wanted to say Hi and a big thank you for the software.

I am 17 and started my business around a year ago (full time), its tiny at the moment but I wanted to open a online shop, I looked at loads of packages but nothing seems to fit.

Then I came across AbanteCart Cart, looks like it will do everything I ever wanted and then some!! Its likely I will be on here alot asking questions, i have read the docs but me and the web have issues :D.

Once I have stopped my site looking like a bomb hit it (i been customizing!), I will post a link. Sorry in advance for any stupid questions I will ask.

I nearly didnt use it because the numbering system fooled me, For some odd reason I was sure the latest version didnt support embedding of products!! Then I discovered I cant count properly and embedding is supported!! that and multiple stores sealed the deal big time.

I am aware the sensible approach is to hire a developer to make the few changes I want, however even the lower figures quoted are around a years turnover for my little business, so I am going to have a go myself until I can afford a pro :D.

Not that I think the prices quoted were high, its more a case I am a very small start up business.

Sorry for the waffle, and thanks again for high quality free software.

one small thing however, i couldnt sign up with my normal email address, apparently the validation dosnt take some of the newer TLD's into account. On my set up is there anyway I can add more TLD's? I dont want customers put off signing up because they cant use say .service as a email address. Thanks again

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