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Opinions / Thank you, and best wishes
« on: May 17, 2020, 06:31:04 AM »
It is with a heavy heart I have decided to uninstall abantecart and go with wordpress. My personal reasons are:
1. When you build something for the better good of the public, and you do not charge, you become overwhelmed and it consumes your life. I believe AC has done a beautiful job building this framework and I think in the future it will grow more.

2. I am just one person. I closed my bakery a couple of months ago for good and now I am trying to start a new business online as passive income. I have a developer background and understand development pretty well, but I found I needed to do too many customized hacks in the core code in order to get close to what I wanted. This should not be necessary under most circumstances. I think this is just where AC needs more time to grow and evolve, maybe with some extra people who want to donate their time to the framework development. I, like many people asked questions but didn't get much support and help. Again, this is not a slight on the team, I understand the limitations to help people. But I will say, I saw some questions I had unanswered from years ago.

3. The final point was yesterday when I had to implement a separate checkout directly with PayPal for subscriptions. That is to say, it could not be integrated with the shopping cart, which changes the user experience.

Anyway, my issues are my issues, and certainly not yours. I think you have done a great job and you offer many great additions to help many people build sites the way they need to. So I hope you have not taken my words negatively.

Best wishes and stay safe

General Support / How to remove product zoom
« on: May 14, 2020, 05:03:43 AM »
Hello, I found an old thread here about removing the zoom feature for a product but the link was broken.

I do not want to complicate things, I just do not have a need for the zoom and would like it completely removed.

Can someone please offer an easily implemented solution?

Thanks in advance

Tips and Tricks / Customize your menu
« on: May 11, 2020, 09:00:23 AM »
As difficult as it has been, I finally found a way to customize the menu. Programming is not hard, its understanding the framework that is the problem.

Instead of showing a category product, I wanted to create a single product that is custom. When clicking on the menu, I did not want a list of products to show up for this one item, just simple that customized product.

WARNING: It is a hack. you should backup everything. If you do not know anything about HTML, etc. just do not do it. Once you write overtop the default files, there is no going back without a backup. :)

Note: I am doing this using the Parker Theme, so you wuold need to find the appropriate code for your theme, or the default. I have checked and the code is exactly the same, and located in the blocks folder

Note: this hack works for me because I have no subcategories to my custom menu item. That is to say, if you want a toplevel menu option without subcategories, this works. If you want the subcategories, you just need to add the code that is shown in the nested loop above to match that menu item you added. (no example provided since I did not need it, lo siento!) This would not be hard to do for your customized item.

and for the record, I do this under protest (I say that jokingly) but really there should be some flexibility with menu options, not just carts.

I do not take responsibility for this not working for you. I am just a guy trying to get my small website working so I can start my online business.

You HAVE been warned
Custom Menu Hack Implementation

Step 1: turn off cache/and clear cache in order for your changes to be updated
   1.1   Dashboard > System > Settings > System
      Cache Enabled: Off
   1.2   Clear Cache
      Dashboard > System > Cache
      Select files to clear cache and click Clear Selected Cache Button

Step 2: add a product and get the url for that product. This product will be the placeholder for your custom menu item.

Step 3: Edit the following file, located in the blocks folder


You will notice there are two nested loops, first showing the category, then, attaching any subcategories to that category). At the bottom of the file you will find the following lines of code:


just above the closing of the unordered list " </ul>" is where you would add your custom menu item

something like this:
   <li><a href="">New Menu Item 01</a></li>
   <li><a href="">New Menu Item 02</a></li>

Save your changes and ftp them to your site.

If you want to highlight your currently created custom menus, here is another hack to add some code at the top to challenge which "category" you are using. Since my two categories do not exist I am just using their product ID's. This means, of course, they could never be deleted or used for something different, unless updating the code is what you would like. Really, if I had the time I would store this as data in a field associated with the product to automate it more, but I just need this to work for now. I do not have the time to devote to a full solution.

Starting near the top you will see this:
          <?php if ($categories) { ?>

I added two string variables to hold the "current" style if it is passed, along with a boolean. If the product ID is one of these two, it will not be possible to be the other categories due to these products are not associated with those categories. I hope that makes sense.

I also want to point out, my implementation is not efficient code, but because I will not have sub categories and only a few in total, I saw no need to worry about this. I could have of course, but I am a bit lazy I admit :)

               $category124 =  '';
               $category125 =  '';
               $daveCustomCat = false;
               if ($_GET['product_id'] == "142") {
                  $category124 =  ' class="current" ';
                  $daveCustomCat = true;
               }elseif ($_GET['product_id'] == "143") {
                  $category125 =  ' class="current" ';
                  $daveCustomCat = true;
               foreach ($categories as $category) {
                   if ($category['current']) {
                     if ($daveCustomCat===false){
                        $category['current'] = ' class="current" ';
                  } ?>

then where you added the two new <li> items you just add their respective variable
   <li <?php echo $category142 ?>"><a href="index.php?rt=product/product&path=74&product_id=142">New Menu Item 01</a></li>
   <li <?php echo $category143 ?>"><a href="index.php?rt=product/product&path=74&product_id=143">New Menu Item 02</a></li>

General Support / Cache
« on: May 10, 2020, 04:13:28 AM »
Hi, I have disabled the cache through the concole, as I saw was recommended in another post. I have also cleared the browser cache as I found the style.css file wasn't updated until I did just that.

Subsequently, I have made a couple of .tpl edits, but they still do not show up.

Any ideas?

In short I am trying to modify the categories so I can add those custom links I asked about before.

General Support / Adding user comments to About Page
« on: May 08, 2020, 09:34:19 AM »
I would to allow for comments on my About Us page. Is this possible? I purchased the extension DISQUS as it seemed to be what would work, but now I think it is either overkill, or not possible to put on one specific page.

Thanks in advance

General Support / Menu Options
« on: May 08, 2020, 06:12:14 AM »
Hi, I am going to ask my question again differently. I have been trying to solve this for two days and its beating me down. I really can use help. I cannot imagine no one has come across this before and found a way to solve it.

My menu, currenlty lists the categoris I create, but those categories are directly related to products (of course).  The first item in my menu is a product list, but the second two are forms, no data.

At first, I thought I could create a sample product for each of those two categories, but then it looked just like the product page, which does not work for me. I do not want a cart option, I do not want product sort, etc. I just want to put a form here.

Is it possible to have a category go directly to a product? I think if I can do that then it will work. It is a hack, but as long as its smooth for the user I am fine with it.

Also, please if you can help me, please tell me how the solution could impact bread crumbs.

PLEASE.. I am willing to trade a bag of beans, and even one of my cats for an answer.


General Support / Category Menu Option Static form without products
« on: May 07, 2020, 04:06:03 AM »

I have just run into a problem. I have one menu option (category) where I have a page without products and a form. But, I get an automatic message at the bottom of the form that tells me "There are no products to list in this category."

That is because this page would have no products.

I see I can create a form using the Form Manager, but it will not add a link in the menu at the top of my page.

Any ideas on a workaround for this?

Thanks a lot in advance

General Support / Update all products at once
« on: May 07, 2020, 03:37:56 AM »
Hi, is it possible to update all products to match changes made to one product? For instance, I have added a field to a product, but I want that field to apply to all products without needing to edit every product one by one.

If I create the field for uploading a file (an image) where is that file saved for me to get later?

Also, can I limit the types of files? Suppose I only want to upload images?

Thanks in advance

General Support / Maximum Length of custom field
« on: May 04, 2020, 04:44:11 AM »

Is there a way I can limit the number of characters for a custom field that I have added to my form?

For instance, can I limit this field shown to 100 characters?

Thank you in advance.

General Support / Turning off Out of Stock
« on: April 30, 2020, 12:09:42 PM »
two things:
I have disabled what I think is every location for out of stock, but it still shows up on my page. I do not have a stock related website where it is an issue for 95% of my products. I will have one special offer where they will be one of a kind and I would like those to show as "sold" when they are sold.

In the description, if I have two lines of text versus three, teh out of stock box is not lined up the same. is normal?

Template Support / Format Options for added field
« on: April 30, 2020, 12:06:47 PM »
Hello, are there any options to a) allow for more text than 64 characters and b) to format the text in a way that it is to the right of the checkbox?

I would ideally like to have a small icon that they click on for a popup of text to explain. is that possible instead of a lot of text?

General Support / Email Support
« on: April 29, 2020, 09:58:21 AM »
I have searched the messages (the most recent reply I found on the topic is from 2016. Maybe I looked wrong I do not know, but I did search

The email configuration is not working for me.

I set up the mail server just as it is supposed to be set up.
You will note my port is listed as 26, this is what it is listed under on my host. But, I have also tried 25.

I do not have SSL (yet) on which is why this is not set up as SSL. The site is SSL, but I need a separate cert for that - not relavent i know

I should also point out, inside the console I do get the message alert, just not in email.

1. By setting up the mail server, it should enable sending mail messages, correct?
2. Does it automatically send an email to the sender? If yes, does it use the same mail server or does it have a separate mail connection somewhere else?
3. What am I doing wrong? I have also added the email to the Additional Alert E-Mails: section in a presumption that it will send emails there as well.

All I want is when someone fills out a form that the email goes to my business email address. I am not looking to solve the split of an atom. Sorry for the sarcasm, but to spend this many hours on something so basic is annoying and now I am annoyed :(

Thank you kindly for your responses in advance

General Support / Configure Captcha
« on: April 28, 2020, 04:21:30 AM »
Hello, I am looking for some help with configuring captcha. Currently, the default that is on the contact form I use has letters so small they are hard to read.

i set up reCaptcha v3 with google but adding the keys I got an error on execution saying it could be not compatable.

I just want to keep it simple and make the captcha easier to use. I do not see anything in the documentation

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