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Hello Abantecart - We used your system to build a new website and online store for After considerable research we chose the Abantecart system because we liked its engine for online retail storefront management, and its open-source access and system flexibility, which allowed us to adapt, style and functionalize all aspects of the basic Abantecart template to achieve the results we wanted. Importantly, the Abantecart system allowed us to initially bulk-upload more than 4,000 products for website store category display and sale. We have not focused on building retail websites in the past, but because of our work developing commercial and government websites, we did have experience with PHP, Javascript, CSS, HTML and MySQL which was necessary to accomplish our finished design. We are quite pleased with the result, and we thank you for your excellent forum and your selection of extensions which were most helpful to us as we worked. Best wishes to everyone on the Abantecart team. If someday we need to build an online store website again, we will be back for another installation of Abantecart.

One more note to finish the fix: You may also want to modify the error message text itself, to reflect the new weight limit that you set in the /admin/controller/pages/catalog/product.php file.

On the Abantecart panel, go to System > Localization > Language Definitions, search "999.99" in the Translation box, and modify the error_measure_value   key listing of "The limit of 999.99 has been reached. Provide smaller number." to whatever error text you think appropriate should your new weight limit be exceeded.

Thank you for your help. I found the answer I needed.

Modify this file:


Line 1043, set $v >= value to desired number. Default setting of 1000 was causing error when product weight was more than 999.99.

Also, make change to Abantecart database: Table "abmv_products", column_name "weight", set "data_type" to decimal(15,2) (in my case to allow whole integers of up to 15 digits and 2 after the decimal point).

Hello, can you assist please? We are using the "weight based shipping" extension. If we attempt to enter a product weight greater than 999.99, the Abantecart system throws an error, "App Error The limit of 999.99 has been reached." We need to stop all weight-limit errors and enable Abantecart to accept any weight amount. Please tell us the file we need to edit to stop the error. Which Abantecart file produces the weight limit error?

Thank you. Yes I am aware that Abantecart code is able to be changed. I have had good success making PHP, HTML and Javascript modifications to make the store look and perform as we wish. Can you tell me please which file or files to work with? We are using the "weight based shipping" extension. Which file or files place the 999.99 limit on weight? Please tell me which file, so I can change it and have no limit on weight. Can you help?

I am using weight as a code to determine shipping costs that aren't necessarily based on actual product weight. I'd like to be able to enter weight values without any limit on weight amount. How do I lift the app error limit of 999.99 for weight, and allow any weight amount?

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