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General Support / Email Support
« on: April 29, 2020, 09:58:21 AM »
I have searched the messages (the most recent reply I found on the topic is from 2016. Maybe I looked wrong I do not know, but I did search

The email configuration is not working for me.

I set up the mail server just as it is supposed to be set up.
You will note my port is listed as 26, this is what it is listed under on my host. But, I have also tried 25.

I do not have SSL (yet) on which is why this is not set up as SSL. The site is SSL, but I need a separate cert for that - not relavent i know

I should also point out, inside the console I do get the message alert, just not in email.

1. By setting up the mail server, it should enable sending mail messages, correct?
2. Does it automatically send an email to the sender? If yes, does it use the same mail server or does it have a separate mail connection somewhere else?
3. What am I doing wrong? I have also added the email to the Additional Alert E-Mails: section in a presumption that it will send emails there as well.

All I want is when someone fills out a form that the email goes to my business email address. I am not looking to solve the split of an atom. Sorry for the sarcasm, but to spend this many hours on something so basic is annoying and now I am annoyed :(

Thank you kindly for your responses in advance

General Support / Configure Captcha
« on: April 28, 2020, 04:21:30 AM »
Hello, I am looking for some help with configuring captcha. Currently, the default that is on the contact form I use has letters so small they are hard to read.

i set up reCaptcha v3 with google but adding the keys I got an error on execution saying it could be not compatable.

I just want to keep it simple and make the captcha easier to use. I do not see anything in the documentation

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