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Title: Questions about Abantecart platform
Post by: Gary Tayman on July 15, 2020, 10:14:18 PM
Introducing myself:  I'm Gary Tayman, and I run a business related to radios/stereos for collector cars.
As part of my business, I have online shopping for speakers, accessories, and a few stereos.
All of these online orders are drop shipped from a company in California.

The e-commerce started for me when Sams Club offered webspace for business members.  I set up a store and it worked well, but one day it came to an end.  So I looked around and found another program.  It was easy to set up, and works well except for one huge problem:  shipping.  The only module that works at all is a table rate, which is fair for US orders but not for overseas.  I've had orders from Germany and Switzerland, where the shipping was $12.  Unacceptable.  I've tried asking for support, all I got was snarky answers about installing new modules -- the instructions of which require a PhD in programming for NASA.  Seriously, how hard is it to calculate shipping?  E-commerce without shipping is like driving a car without wheels.  I've asked again, I won't repeat the nasty answers I got.  I'm done.

So I'm looking for a new software program, and Abantecart looks interesting.  But I must ask before spending time with it -- how are the shipping modules?  I won't be using any links or channels but I simply want to charge something in the ballpark for shipping cost, whether it ships to Pittsburgh or Copenhagen.

In fact I don't think, at least for now, I'll be using any channels at all except for payment via Paypal.  I'll process the orders here, and e-mail the vendor with the information myself.

Sounds pretty simple, but I've had a rorugh time of it.  Does this sound like something that Abantecart can tackle?

Title: Re: Questions about Abantecart platform
Post by: Basara on July 16, 2020, 01:28:09 AM

You need a Flat rate method. Included in the core AbanteCart
Set shipping cost for USA and all others
Title: Re: Questions about Abantecart platform
Post by: Gary Tayman on July 16, 2020, 06:55:13 PM
I actually got a response via personal message from someone who pointed me toward some documentation.

Just the fact that I got such a response is a HUGE plus; I had contacted others and got nothing.  The software I'm using now, after asking for help, brought responses such as "What do you want for nothing?" and "Don't be such a crybaby."  Seriously?

Actually it looks like there's a USPS module included, along with UPS and others.  Again, all my orders are drop shipped, and they use UPS for domestic and USPS for international.  So at least we're speaking the same language.

I will be installing Abantecart soon, and will try it out.  Don't be surprised if I ask a few stupid questions along the way; I want this to work.  If it handles what I'm asking, this will be my platform from now on.  Thanks!