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Hi, my version of abantecart is 1.2.12. The visual button mess up and auto remove my css style code on HTML code, how to disable or remove the visual button on text area?
I modified the code of admin/view/default/template/form/text_editor.tpl, remove the visual code, but nothing changed at all? Where should I change the code? Please help. Thank you.

I figure it out. The problem is that when the users where imported from the old database, it automatically generated the loginname in the format gen_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, which is different to the email. So the solution is execute
UPDATE `abc_customers` SET loginname = email WHERE loginname <> email

I have tried the following steps to reset the customer password
1. Click on "Forgot your password? " at index.php?rt=account/forgotten/password
2. Enter the email address, click Continue button, it says "Success: Password reset link has been sent to your e-mail address."
3. Check the email and click on the password reset link in the email
4. Enter the new password twice and click continue, check email and get the message "Your password was successfully reset"
5. Try sign in with the email and the new password (copy and paste), it keeps saying "Error: Incorrect login or password provided."

Version: 1.2.12
The setting "Require login name" is set to Off at index.php?rt=setting/setting/checkout&store_id=0

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