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Security / Re: XSS Vulnerability
« Last post by Mahomed Dawood on Today at 05:58:38 AM »

So if i call my website


A pop up appears with a javascript

Please see attached

Security / Re: XSS Vulnerability
« Last post by Basara on Today at 05:35:06 AM »

Can you please tell us more about your findings?
Security / XSS Vulnerability
« Last post by Mahomed Dawood on Today at 05:15:44 AM »
Hi Guys

I recently ran a security check on my website and came across some reflective xss vulnerability on the product page
Is this something that abantecart are planning on fixing ? or could this just be misconfiguration on my side ?
Built-in Features / Re: Page builder supportability
« Last post by yonghan79 on Today at 05:06:16 AM »
Please inform us if the beta version of the page builder extension is released.

Built-in Features / Re: Page builder supportability
« Last post by Basara on Today at 04:53:31 AM »
The Beta version of the page builder extension will be released soon
Please contact payment processors you like and ask them to help with plugin creation.
The help center is for some people who use the website for the first time, and they need to classify and answer common questions. The news release is for the product to update the activity definition for members to view. I just started to study the system, I don’t know if these two sections can be added in the program by myself
The abantecart program is very good, but I encountered a problem. I am a user from China. There is no Alipay#com (Alipay) commonly used in China in your payment plug-in. Same as Paid). These two major payment interfaces can enable abantecart to increase the usage of more Chinese users, and only need to access one of them to solve it. An existing plug-in on our website shows that it supports Alipay alipay#com, but it was developed in 2017 and cannot be used normally in the current test. I hope that the official website can develop its own payment plugin suitable for Chinese users.

Although our website supports many payment plug-ins such as paypal, foreign payment interface fees are too high for Chinese merchants. While Chinese merchants use local payment platforms, the handling fee is only 0.6%, and the use of paypal requires a 4.4% handling fee, so it is very necessary to add these two Chinese payment plugins.
Built-in Features / Page builder supportability
« Last post by yonghan79 on December 08, 2021, 07:37:46 PM »
Hi admins,

We found out that there is "Page builder supportability" in AbanteCart 1.3.2.

What is it used for? We can't find anything within the docs.

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