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Title: Download activation
Post by: user88 on January 30, 2019, 05:26:23 PM
Hi again,

Still very happy with the cart, just another thing I realized. This time with downloads.

I have downloads set to activate when the order status is 'processing' which is my default order status for the store.

Now, I decided that whenever a customer would download the file, I would manually change the order status to complete. Unfortunately this created a problem. After the manual change, the order status 'complete' doesn't match the download requirement 'processing' and this deactivates the download for a customer.

At first I didn't understand the warning message I was getting from this change of order status.  The warning message would appear in the order summary under the downloaded files tab.

Eventually I recognized the problem and changed the order status back to 'processing' and this solved the problem.

Why is this a problem?

1. If customer downloads file and I change the order status to 'complete', he can't go back and make another download even if I allow several downloads of a file.
2. If I need to push an updated version of the file to the customer after I change the order status to 'complete', this file cannot be downloaded by customer

My suggestion for future carts would be:

1. would it be desirable to allow for several selections to be made under the downloads setting so that users can activate a download when order status is 'processing' and / or 'complete' and / or ...

2. if I were to change the store default order status to 'complete' then I would have to change all my downloads to activate on 'complete' and I have dozens upon dozens of them. Perhaps a feature to make batch changes to products would be a nice addition.

3. is there another option (besides no longer manually changing order status)?



Title: Re: Download activation
Post by: Basara on January 30, 2019, 11:59:28 PM
Good idea user88
Lets see maybe AbanteCart team will include this in future versions https://github.com/abantecart/abantecart-src/issues/1195
Title: Re: Download activation
Post by: abantecart on February 01, 2019, 04:57:36 PM
I think, this is something we can add. Discussion is open.