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Built-in Features / Admin Sale/Order Tab Order Details url not loading
« on: December 23, 2015, 06:52:11 PM »

I have come across a minor issue with the loading of Admin-Sales-Order Order Details Tab, its not a big deal but does have an issue I have tried with a fresh install as well and has this issue persistent.

When you click any of the tabs Shipping Address-Payment Address-Files-Status & Comments and then try to go back to Order Details tab it just redirects to storefront Home page, basically the url dont get created so it just redirects.

Do look into the same.


Idea Polls / Re: AbanteCart Multivendor and Marketplace capabilities
« on: December 23, 2015, 06:18:07 PM »

This would be one of the best features and need of the hour as in todays dynamic market scenario customers want everything under one roof and multi vendor and capabilities will really help.

Looking forward for any developments in this direction.


Built-in Features / Re: Help with Native Banner Module
« on: July 10, 2015, 11:58:34 AM »

Sorry that I am posting my experience here but I thought I should cos it may help somebody looking for a quick edit of the banner slider and has very basic knowledge of php. ( not intended for Pro's )

The easiest method of editing or introducing a new image in the banner slider is :

1 - Locate default image or the old image of your banner slider by right clicking on the image slider "copy image url" and pasting it on the browser or notepad it will show the path to the default image directory.

2 - Login to the control panel which ever you are using go to the default slider image directory and upload the images you want to show up on the slider. Make sure to make a note of uploaded image names.

3 - Now login to AbanteCart cart admin panel - Go to banner manager - main page banners - now edit the text you want on your banner and the new image names only. please note don't edit anything other than text and the image names cos if edited the banner or the text alignment gets disturbed and trust me its very difficult get it back the original alignment.

thats it you have your new banner slider with new images and text.

Last but not least I have checked many e-commerce platforms don't want to name them but almost all of them charge $25 - $40 to buy a good banner slider plugin which looks almost similar to AbanteCart cart slider or in some case you have to spend $80 - $100 to buy a template which has a sleek banner slider. Here we have it absolutely free with no attachments or frustrating watermarks. Thanks to AbanteCart cart for offering so many features and an humble support team without which I would have never dreamt of a ecom website of my own and I am sure there are 100s of users like me who will agree to me.

Thanks and regards,

well my goal is to get a fix for the basic missing features from the major update from 1.1.9 verions to 1.2.0 and then forward.   Each set has a bit different issue. 

Hai Lee,

Do post a link or notify when ever you are finished with the fixes. I am sure many like me are looking forward for the fix.


Thanks a lot for the response.

will do as per your suggestion and get back to you with the result.



I guess I was unable to explain my issue correctly. My issue is some of my categories page and the specials page where-in by default only the product has to be listed, after the upgrade from 1.1.9 to 1.2.2 the page which should have only the product display (as in home page) has started showing up the entire description of all the products stretching the page to infinity as per the screen shot image attached Or please check here :

This cannot be core file issue as the problem is with only 3 pages rest all pages work as it should.

Hope I have explained my issue and this issue is only with 1-2 categories and specials tab rest all categories align properly despite the codes being the same.

Regards and Thanks,

Please find below the template debug info:

Block ID: head0
Path: storefront/controller/common/head.php
Template: /storefront/view/default/template/common/head.tpl
Parent:    page
Path: storefront/controller/common/page.php
Template: storefront/view/default_html5/common/page.tpl

and the error_log.tpl when you click "clear log" it deletes the error_log.tpl not significant but brought to your notice.


I have many products in both specials and category how to paste all that data in here and pasting one or two product description codes may not give you a clear picture. Please suggest how to go about it. if you want me to paste the page source codes from my category page i can do that.

In category section and the specials section the product doesn't align as individual products (not the sort order issue) instead it shows the entire product description of all the products in that category please see ( I am sure some of the user might be facing this issue as well.

Hope you will look into these minor issues as well.


That will be great do let me know cos I have tried everything possible to sought this issue out but no use.

Hey one more suggestion since you are planning for a patch for the users like me fix for these will further enhance the experience. This is applicable to all those who have migrated from 1.1.9 only

1 - Incomplete order status doesn't work as it should and show incomplete for even completed orders with payment and we have to change the status manually every time an order comes in.

2 - The error log file when accessed from admin panel and when we click clear log it completely deletes the error_log.tpl file altogether which could be a minor issue but will be really helpful if corrected.

3 - In category section and the specials section the product doesn't align as individual products (not the sort order issue) instead it shows the entire product description of all the products in that category please see ( I am sure some of the user might be facing this issue as well.

Hope you will look into these minor issues as well.


Thanks for considering my request first of all..........

I have tried as a customer and as well as registering as a customer but the account dropdown feature and the wishlist does not showup. I cross checked with the 1.2.2 package for any missed files but all the files have loaded correctly above all my error log is clear with no errors to display. you can check

Thanks for the prompt response.


Hai all,

I installed AbanteCart cart 1.9.1 and upgraded to 1.2.2 the good part is I am now using the best e- commerce platform across the available platforms with so much features and options. The bad part which me and many users like me would be feeling is upgraded versions have failed to install the customer account dropdown feature and the wishlist feature despite all the files and folders properly installed the features don't show up on the customer home page and the cart page.

I understand that when such large-scale changes happen some features get affected but my request is please tell me a solution if available with which I can get these features show up on the pages cos both the features are just awesome.

Hope you will consider my request and suggest a way out.

Thanking in advance,

Built-in Features / Re: v 1.2.1 wishlist - where/how to enable
« on: July 01, 2015, 03:32:29 PM »
Same here! The new dropdown selection for the customer when logged in on the top nav bar header in the newest version 1.2.1 is impressive. Thanks for the help!
Thank you - that makes perfect sense now that I know.

Nice job - and I love the new dropdown selection for the customer when logged in on the top nav bar header.
Abantecart just keeps getting better and better.


I agree with both of the comments AbanteCart Cart has reached next level in e-com now with 1.2.2 I am really overwhelmed with so much features all you guys have created. Above all, feature rich plugins which other e-com platforms would charge is absolutely free with AbanteCart cart.

Great efforts my heartfelt thanks to all the team members behind the scene who have worked hard to make our experience so awesome.


Built-in Features / Coupons Total amount getting auto-changed to 1.00
« on: July 01, 2015, 03:12:13 PM »
Hai All,

I have come across an error with the coupons in upgraded version of AbanteCart cart ( from 1.1.9 to 1.2.2 ) the issue is when we create a discount coupon with all required fields and save, everything works perfectly but when you open the created coupon and edit any of the "Uses Per Customer" or "Uses Per Coupon" fields and save it the "Total Amount" field (sub-total minimum to be reached) automatically saves itself as 1.00 irrespective of whatever values you have saved before edit.

which means if I had saved a coupon with 1000.00 as total amount for a specific coupon to be applicable post edit and save that total amount will automatically be converted to 1.00 I am not sure if anybody else have encountered this error but I am getting this error.

Please look into this issue as it can wreck loses to the store owners if unnoticed.

Thanking You,

Thanks a million

Works great
I was expecting the drop down to show all the options, but I understand this way we can even add brands image also.


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