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Built-in Features / Admin Sale/Order Tab Order Details url not loading
« on: December 23, 2015, 06:52:11 PM »

I have come across a minor issue with the loading of Admin-Sales-Order Order Details Tab, its not a big deal but does have an issue I have tried with a fresh install as well and has this issue persistent.

When you click any of the tabs Shipping Address-Payment Address-Files-Status & Comments and then try to go back to Order Details tab it just redirects to storefront Home page, basically the url dont get created so it just redirects.

Do look into the same.


I have many products in both specials and category how to paste all that data in here and pasting one or two product description codes may not give you a clear picture. Please suggest how to go about it. if you want me to paste the page source codes from my category page i can do that.

In category section and the specials section the product doesn't align as individual products (not the sort order issue) instead it shows the entire product description of all the products in that category please see ( I am sure some of the user might be facing this issue as well.

Hope you will look into these minor issues as well.


Hai all,

I installed AbanteCart cart 1.9.1 and upgraded to 1.2.2 the good part is I am now using the best e- commerce platform across the available platforms with so much features and options. The bad part which me and many users like me would be feeling is upgraded versions have failed to install the customer account dropdown feature and the wishlist feature despite all the files and folders properly installed the features don't show up on the customer home page and the cart page.

I understand that when such large-scale changes happen some features get affected but my request is please tell me a solution if available with which I can get these features show up on the pages cos both the features are just awesome.

Hope you will consider my request and suggest a way out.

Thanking in advance,

Built-in Features / Coupons Total amount getting auto-changed to 1.00
« on: July 01, 2015, 03:12:13 PM »
Hai All,

I have come across an error with the coupons in upgraded version of AbanteCart cart ( from 1.1.9 to 1.2.2 ) the issue is when we create a discount coupon with all required fields and save, everything works perfectly but when you open the created coupon and edit any of the "Uses Per Customer" or "Uses Per Coupon" fields and save it the "Total Amount" field (sub-total minimum to be reached) automatically saves itself as 1.00 irrespective of whatever values you have saved before edit.

which means if I had saved a coupon with 1000.00 as total amount for a specific coupon to be applicable post edit and save that total amount will automatically be converted to 1.00 I am not sure if anybody else have encountered this error but I am getting this error.

Please look into this issue as it can wreck loses to the store owners if unnoticed.

Thanking You,

Hai all,

AbanteCart Cart Ver - 1.1.9 - updated to 1.2.0
Template - default html5
No custom changes made

The manufacturer page allows to add as many manufacturers logo and name but when you try listing them in the block to be displayed at storefront it allows only 10 entries. please help how can I add all the manufacturers to be displayed in the storefront. ( this is not custom request ) The default block edit displays only 10 entries and doesnt show all options.

Please guide how to display all the manufacturesr in storefront.

Thanks in advance.


Built-in Features / Sub Categories images not aligning
« on: February 02, 2015, 03:00:17 PM »
I recently updated from AbanteCart cart version 1.1.9 to 1.2 but I am facing multiple issues.
  1 - I had the sub category issue which i resolved by replacing chosen jquery file after that i added 8 sub-category the issue is 1 to 6 sub-category images align perfectly but the 7 & 8 align to the right side. I then changed my sort order of first 3 images to 0 then all the images aligned perfectly.

I think this something to do with the sort order which is creating this issue.

    2 - I has the same issue as mentioned by others regarding ACT ON BEHALF i was logged out when i click on any other page in the customer account page. I managed to resolve that issue but a new problem cropped up.

when in ACT ON BEHALF the system sent an email to admin account saying " your account has been activated ...................
you can login and see your account details.......................................
whereas i had ACT ON BEHALF of some other customer. I think this can create confusion if the mail goes to the customer. he may feel his account has been hacked.

Hope you guys will give a look at these issue.
thanks in advance.

Support / MySql Error
« on: October 03, 2014, 06:29:36 PM »
I am continuously getting - MySQL class error: Try to escape non-string value: array ( 0 => '743', ) in /public_html/core/database/mysql.php on line 128 error.
I have not made any illogical input or conflicting input please help.


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